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Loki And Ember's Baby


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Looks like Loki and Ember had a baby?




While playing Ember, I used her Overheat skill and turned invisible. Not sure what exactly caused this purely aesthetic bug, but I think some of you at DE will enjoy it!


I turned off DX11, and her color scheme is as follows, all Classic Saturated:

Primary: (1,1) [being bottom left most color]

Secondary: (1,18)

Tint 3: (5,3)

Tint 4: (5,18)

Energy: (1,6)


All graphics options off except Anti-Aliasing and High Dynamic range, repeatable both as host and non-host.


** After further testing, turns out having DX11 turned off causes this, as well as other visual bugs. In particular that I noticed, Nova's energy jets and the Asa cape fail to appear with DX11 disabled.

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