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October 2019 Riven Disposition Updates

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Hail Tenno!

With a new Prime Access comes another set of Riven balance tweaks! These changes should be live across all platforms shortly - full details below:



Arca Plasmor: 0.6->0.55
Fulmin: 1->0.8

Javlok: 1.2->1.25
Latron: 1.25->1.3
Nagantaka: 1.1->1.2
Quanta: 1.25->1.35

Rubico: 0.7->0.65
Simulor: 1->1.1
Tiberon: 0.95->0.85
Tonkor: 1.15->1.3
Zhuge: 1.25->1.15



Akjagara: 1.05->0.9
Ballistica: 1.05->1.1
Brakk: 1.2->1.25

Catchmoon: 0.6->0.5
Cyanex: 1->0.85

Gammacor: 0.9->0.95
Knell: 1.15->1.2
Lex: 0.9->1.05
Marelok: 0.9->0.95

Pyrana: 0.7->0.65
Rattleguts: 0.8->0.75

Sonicor: 0.9->1
Spira: 1.1->1.15

Tombfinger: 0.75->0.7
Twin Grakatas: 1.05->1.1


Once again, there are even fewer changes this round than our last wave of changes in July. Melee 3.0 changes are still in the pipeline, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer before those changes commence. 

Thanks for reading!

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Oh yeah, let's watch this...

Not touching Vectis. That makes me happy.

Everything as expected: Arca Plasmor, Fulmin, Tiberon, Kitguns and so on. But wait... Zhuge? 

I don't think that low dispositions like 0,5-0,6 should be a thing. The stats are so bad that a normal mod isn't much worse than the actual Riven. I think my Catchmoon Riven has now like +100% damage and +40% critical damage. Not a big deal, but it feels weird if a Riven has not really higher stats than a normal mod. If you get a Catchmoon Riven from Sortie it's more like a normal Augur Pact mod now. 

A super high disposition for special weapons like the Stug would also be nice. Make Stug great again. I wonder if the Stug would be good with a 3,0 like Riven disposition... Maybe still bad.

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