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Some Atlas Prime areas look blurry


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Already tweeted about this, but not there's a bit more detail. Just like other recent releases (mainly, Wukong Prime), the emissive map looks pixelated when upclose and the tint mask on certain areas -- it's basically as if the texture wasn't loading completely, if that makes sense. Most of it seems mainly fine though.

Mainly the areas affected are the abdominal area:


Notice the gold looking "low res"

And also the emissive maps, which you can see a bit above and as well below:



Hope you guys can tweak this. Thanks for your time!

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6 hours ago, Dragazer said:

yup Chroma Prime has similar issues as well regarding the low res gold textures, and in other areas

Yes, in fact if you take a quick look anything after Limbo has similar issues for some reason, except Mesa since she was tweaked. I keep defending they should go a bit easier on compression and such if that's the case.

Emissives are new though, and I was surprised to see Wukong had them too -- I was under the impression that, since they were working under the new system, they would look nicer and sharper. Alas, not the case. I should check non Primes too for values and emissive look, as I'm noticing a trend with using a single value and secondary black.

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