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5 hours ago, LovePeaceZordon said:

zanuka... zanuka? oh tenno you killed my creature without even looking at it... or seeing it, or even realizing it was there, because it was too weak to even get to you, while you were babysitting an unarmed tenno agent, that sneezed and blew zanuka away with it.

really now: when will zanuka get a rework? rustbucket cant even capture a brokenlegged table 🤣

its not even funny anymore: zanuka spawns, alad v is in his monolog transmission, like oh tenno, you... *zanuka get smashed at this point allready* what have you done to my beautiful creature? *goes home crying* wasnt zanuka planned and made to be scary, dangerous or something? i only got captured once, because i killed my self by my own will, just to play the level where i should get my gear back. same goes for the g3: i got my self captured just to get the blueprint in the mail from lotus, just to get it, not by getting overpowered or something. lotus sais "oh no, the g3, hurry, get out, its too dangerous!" oh come on lotus...

Good point. They can definitely be more difficult, and maybe DE can add more mini bosses like this.

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