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Split Chamber :(



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The previous Pluto Narcissus and Outer Terminus is a good advice, I got my second 3 pieces there in a matter of hours. Was trying to get Master Thief though - got it at the end of the day. So if you don't have a whole weekend for the "mission" you shall be able to get it in a week by playing once or twice a day.


Didn't even know Reddit's has been updated. Good to know, if you use it well you can easily tell from the 2nd award what your 3rd one will be. I made a reacting Excel (actually open office but same thing) sheet for that, I just chose what I got and it told me what I will get :) Makes life pretty fun - that way you don't have to suffer through the 3rd 5rounds for an ammo card :D


PS.: Can't believe they still give Banshee's bps as a reward on these missions. Give her a boss already it's not like she deserves such special way to obtain - she is not that good. I mean she is not even a prime and she is harder to get than a prime (and her abilities are nothing extreme). I should sell my 2 dozen Banshee parts...

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