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Day of the Dead 2019

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Would be nice if there can be some cosmetics that are not just a skull head drawn with what looks like white-out / correction fluid on a weapon or syandana or armor. 

There's more to halloween than skulls. How about the pumpkin being relevant elsewhere besides just a limited-time head piece? Or maybe bats? Or ghost-like effects (maybe translucency) on a syandana or armor piece?

The bat ephemera you guys previewed is cool though, but I hope you guys can consider some other halloween symbols for use in various cosmetic ideas.


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On 2019-10-17 at 9:50 AM, Xepthrichros said:

Explain the pumpkin head.

It's the Dullahan mask, referencing the Headless Horseman, who sometimes wears a jack-o-lantern for a head. Not necessarily Halloween or Day of the Dead, but still in the general spirit of the season. 😋

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So at this rate will we even get the bat ephemera before November? All I've seen since Nightwave ended is a new intermission full of stuff I already have. Not that I feel like I should skip it though, with the umbra forma sitting on rank 29. God knows when we can get those elsewhere. I've been hyped up for bats coming off my Halloween themed loadout all month and still nothing. 

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