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Create A Map That Toggles On Off In Dojo


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I've been thinking about this myself, but with the entire game so we can backtrack easily (or find people who are far ahead/behind us)

I think the reason this hasn't been implemented in any way is due to the fact that if you brought the map up you'd need a way to navigate it (change floors if there are multiple floors)

now pulling up a map while in a mission could be pretty difficult as you never know when some shield grineer is going to run over and push you over, which if going by what already happens when you're knocked down, you can't change what ability you have selected or type ect (locks the keyboard sort of thing) so I'd guess you wouldn't be able to close the map.


Maybe in solo it would be an okay idea, as the game could pause like it does when you press esc, but who knows :)

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