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Lua Disruption Drop Tables

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After two separate games, each round perfectly defending all 4 conduits, it seems the drop tables are incorrect. 

According to the wiki, rotation C has a 20% to drop an Axi, with 5 different possible relics each at 4%. The Axi A6 is listed, but there are two issues:

After 8 rounds each game, each rotation gave us either Axi relics or the Universal Medallion. Of those relics, every Relic was rewarded except for the A6, and instead we received an L5, which was not listed on the drop table. We did receive 5 different relics in total, none of which were the A6. 

The other issue is that we started receiving Axi relics at the very first rotation. I have not tested this with any rounds where we fail to protect the conduit, but it appears that not only are we receiving C rotation loot, we are receiving Axi relics only instead of Neo relics. 

According to a Reddit post I made, which caught very little attention, there was at least one person on PS4 that also confirmed that the issue was present there as well. 

We did also attempt some missions on Mars Disruption, except this time was only received loot from what appeared to be A and B rotation, but never going past B. We did not receive any loot from what appeared to be C. 

My analysis only concludes that either the Warframe drop tables are off or the Wiki is not correct. I cannot make any other assumptions with the limited data I have gathered, and hope that others can contribute to this inconsistent loot. 

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