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So, About That Embolist (And Downed Enemies/stunning)


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alright, so I crafted the embolist and I've been running around leveling it for a while, and I can't be sure, but it seems like when an enemy has been knocked to the ground (via crowd dispersion and such) that the embolist tears through them as they attempt to get back up. has anyone else noticed or confirmed this?


if this is in fact the case, then my good old banshee just found a new best friend. I'm also going to have to get another sentinel. I've stuck with wyrm since the beginning and since leveling sentinels doesn't give mastery, wyrm sufficed. but with the new knockdown/ragdoll mechanics, enemies take too long to get up and thus that window where they are invulnerable is just too long. I don't think  sonic boom ragdolls enemies, but it will knock them down, making the embolist an excellent finisher.


of course, it does eat through ammo like there's no tomorrow, even with trick mag. and I realize I should've had pistol ammo mutation on it as well. but i'm sure that really wouldn't make up the difference, either. I think embolist should have a boosted ammo max naturally, like different primary weapons do (rifles > shotguns > snipers/bows). 210 is basically just two extra clips, and that is not enough


anyway, just though I'd alert you to that finding/observation

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I'm fairly sure that leveling sentinels does not give mastery, unless something changed recently as to that matter. Also, I think damaging ragdolled enemies still works, but the numbers just don't show up because you can still kill people while they're ragdolled. 


I love using the Ignis and Embolist with Banshee, Vauban and Mag. Great combo potential.

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