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Pair Of Friends Looking For A Na-East Clan


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My friend and I have been looking around for a clan as we recently got back into the game and would like to be able to take advantage of the clan tech without sinking all the resources and time on our own. Plus it'd be really nice to have some friendly people to play with. We're both more casual players as Warframe isn't something we can or want to devote all our time to (and my job has me working evenings which interferes with availability). However we'd be willing to help out with missions when asked, and willing to contribute to the guild when the opportunity presents itself.


What we're looking for:

* Clan Research- having a decent start on a number of weapons would be really nice

* Friendly, active people- I've been part of a few guilds/clan that just kinda fell off as no one was ever on.

* Understanding- we have real lives and while Warframe is fun, we'd both like to play other games as well



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We at Galactic Hunters would be happy to have you and your friend join us. We have a full Dojo with all current clan research complete and active members. If you want to see the full profile for the clan it's on this forum, but just give the word and I'll invite.

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