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Devstream 131 Overview

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On 2019-10-06 at 5:40 AM, Kainosh said:

Just saying, but Meteors will look meh inside the ships and such.

This kind of Visual is only great in open worlds.  

I dont say this insult to anyone else but you do have point about that but now is not time for people to be to be having negative comments about this but some change has can or cant be good for sometime

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Just some brief thoughts,

Ember rework seems good overall, only a couple of changes I would suggest.

Changing her passive and 4's ranges to her affinity range rather than the weird line of sight and 10m stuff.

Immolation seems like it will serve as a good amount of survivability for her, seeing as ember currently lacks any proper damage reduction at the moment. This could potentially just be the passive, since it doesn't seem like this ability should ever be turned off, but I assume the amount of damage reduction scales with ability power. since passives aren't affected by mods, I would prefer the scaling to having it permanently on

Other than those things I really like the direction they are taking ember. Unless I am wrong, it doesn't seem like there are any abilities that scale off duration, which makes ember more of a traditional dps caster, focusing more on efficiency and power than trying to make an ability last a long time


Vauban looks great, and I am actually looking forward to pulling him off the shelf when this is live.

I really like the new shock drones with his 1. I have seen some people concerned about leaving the effectiveness of their abilities up to AI, but from what has been shown and what is already in the game, I think they should function just fine. Overall a significant upgrade over the previous ability

The new minelayer looks good, but the speed boost mine just seems like another bounce mine. the damage boost mine is always useful, even if it isn't that interesting. damage is damage. The nail mine is a good Idea, but I would like to see the mine's nail fire look more like the cactuar in MHW than what it is now. The tether seems like a nice quick lockdown for enemies, not much else to say here. Would really like to see the return of the shredder mine rather than the speed boost mine, even if it doesn't come with a permanent armor strip.

the Orbital Strike just seems like a solid ability. given that during the charge period it measures the level of the enemies and scales to it prior to firing, this will be useful at most levels. Only complaint here is the kinda dumb looking windup animation for the ability. One of Vauban's redeeming qualities at current is that all his ability casts are one handed, so you can still use your one hand secondary  while throwing an ability.

Bastille/Vortex is also a great change, same complaint as above

Kuva Lichs look interesting and will provide a fun way to continue into the endgame and minmax, or at least give us some interesting encounters to deal with. Honestly more powercreep isn't that much of a problem, because most of the current stuff we have is way more than is necessary to deal with the average enemy.

Exilus weapon mods seem like they are mostly for utility, so no strong feelings either way.


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