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Chainsaws And Shark Warframe


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Yeah, this post might seem a little silly, but we've got Survival, we've got shotguns, and we've got zombies (Infested). Where's my chainsaw?


As for the Shark Frame, I think it would make more sense if I give where this originated from. Flux Rifle (aka Rave Laser). That weapon is too much fun, and of course it brought up the joke "shark's with frickin lasers attached to their frickin heads." So, here goes my attempt at a fun, slightly humorous, and balanced frame.


HP: 150 (450)
Shields: 100 (300)

Armor: 75

Power: 100 (150)




25 Energy - Torpedo

Fires a projectile much like Ogris, 125/250/375/500 Explosive damage


50 Energy - Fricken Lasers

Sweeps a laser across the field causing extreme damage. (Think player version of the Tower Defense lasers)


75 Energy - Blood in the Water

Enrages the player for 7/14/21/28 seconds, giving 10/20/30/40% Speed and Damage boost, and causes all killed enemies while raged to drop health orbs.


100 Energy - Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

(Acts much like Ash's Bladestorm), player "swims" underneath the field, taking bites out of all the enemies in the area. Each kill restores some health.




Sorry for this sleep deprived, poorly conceived attempt at some kind of humor and an idea. Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to leave feedback attempting to balance it better. I was never good at figuring out how high or low or what curve abilities should scale.

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Liked all of it except the last skill due to the fact i could see that causing alot of mechanical issues with the game. Otherwise i like the idea of the frame.

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The humor is funny.


And a Humor War Frame would be fun to play hahaha. 


As for the last skill like the guy above me said "A lot of mechanical issues with the game"


Their are already glitches/bugs that allow you to glitch out the map and fall to a endless black void until you finally hit a point for instant death. 


I could see this skill causing you to enter that void a lot easier.


"Near a wall Use 4th skill Instant death"

"Near any type of corner or two objects together use 4th skill Instant Death"


Also being on a 2nd Platform (Above the ground) 

You would be floating in the air "swimming" 

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