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Kestrel Vs. General Sargas Ruk


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Aaaand the winner is.... Kestrel! With the ability to ragdoll everything (well most of) and unpredictable consequences, it reveals it's true nature of a pwner. :D

Now when the lyrics are behind i'll tell you what happened. I went on Ruk to get some blueprints, cells and anything else that drops from him and rank up a few weapons as i go, so i took kestrel as a melee. Everything started up pretty well but when i threw the above mentioned boomerang, our beloved General flew up and landed "aboard", what strange that he lied there for quite longer than any other... erm... creature AND he didn't respawn on the last place he stood, but the marker was there and we did none else than shooting the invisible, and so he died. Twice.

Didn't try it on other bosses and i wont as i sold Kestrel. Maybe it's a common issue for weapon that have ragdoll effect, but kestrel "hooks up" it's victim, goes up and drops somewhere unpredictably, but why Ruk didn't respawn properly then?

Kestrel mods i had that time (apart from smite infested i replaced with staggering force), just in case



I am sorry if it's a wrong place to post it, newbie here ;D

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Oh boy... Where to start...


First off, Place Molten Impact in the - slot to give you more mod space....


Next using Reflex Coil and Pressure Point is kinda silly...


Pressure Point doesn't increase the Charge Damage, you need the mod Killing Blow.



So you'd want Reflex Coil, Killing Blow, Molten impact and Sundering Strike... Staggering Force is another mod that can be gone without but is up to you to use it or not.

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