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Inconsistent Eximus Scans in Codex

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Majority of Eximus enemies in Codex require 3 scans and we had a hotfix back in the day with: "All Archwing Eximus now require 3 scans to complete the Codex entry (same scan count as land based Eximus units)." comment.

And recently [DE]Rebecca made a similar comment on reddit. https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/d9ojdr/zealowhatever_new_boss_scans_number_was_noticed/f1kk7eq/?context=3


Currently we have these Eximus variants with more than 3 scans. I am (maybe mistakenly) assuming these were overlooked (at the very least the ones requiring more than 5 scans)

  • Orokin Spectator Eximus 20
  • Terra Attack Drone Eximus 5
  • Terra Crewman Eximus 5
  • Terra Elite Crewman Eximus 5
  • Terra Elite Overtaker Eximus 5
  • Terra Plasmor Crewman Eximus 5
  • Terra Shield Osprey Eximus 5
  • Vapos Anti Moa Eximus 5
  • Vapos Crewman Eximus 20
  • Vapos Detron Crewman Eximus 20
  • Vapos Elite Crewman Eximus 5
  • Vapos Elite Ranger Eximus 5
  • Vapos Fusion Moa Eximus 5
  • Vapos Moa Eximus 20
  • Vapos Nullifier Eximus 5
  • Vapos Prod Crewman Eximus 20
  • Vapos Railgun Moa Eximus 10
  • Vapos Sapping Osprey Eximus 5
  • Vapos Shield Osprey Eximus 20
  • Vapos Sniper Crewman Eximus 5

(Note: 6 out of 17 Terra Eximus enemies have 5 scans, rest require 3. For Vapos Eximii only Vapos Tech Eximus require 3.)

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Same problem is with Demo units, with Charger, Devourer, Kuva Guardian, and few other demanding 20 when others demand 5, like i'm ok with 5 but seriously don't ramp it up to 20

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