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Are we reaching Relic overload?


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On 2019-10-08 at 6:34 AM, ThumpumGood said:

The suggestion was that more nodes = more places relics can drop and thereby thinning out the number of relics per drop table


and my point is that IF DE decided to have more place that relics could drop, they would already have the 80% of the nodes that drop nothing of worth as options to put those relics in. The "where" was never a problem.

Historically, DE never used relics as the selling point when they introduce new "planet", they make new mods, stances or resource (except ESO radiant relics if that count) and then disperse those new reward to different mode of play - to encourage the playing, not the reward.

Introduce new planet would just make that 80% number increase

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I dont see the problem. The % chance is the same with every new release because old relics get removed to make room for new ones. The only part that "bloats" is that open worlds house the unvaulted relics. But we also get other ways of farming specific relics of the new type. Like Atlast Axi relics dropping from specific disrupt lcations.

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There is simple solution to the problem, together with removal of the need for vaulting stuff. Below is the idea, step by step:

1)Make loot tables for relics - one for each type of relic (lith, neo, meso, axi).

2)Player will no longer drop relics types like now, instead of AXI A3 you will simply have AXI type, so reduction of drop table to 4 relics types

3)Player can create own relic loadouts based on the loot tables from first point, meaning they can pick 3 bronze rewards, 2 silver and 1 gold of their own choice linked to the relic type

4)Player can use saved loadout for relics during mission for fast swaping

5)DE will only add new stuff to loot tables

6)Players will enjoy unvaulted drop tables of their own choice instead of randomized stuff, you still need luck to get silver and gold rewards though


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3 hours ago, FerockQuartz said:

Relics I have?...

Gold: at a bare minimum...


Brass: same with Gold...

Copper: same with Silver...

I have the bitwise complement problem as you! Flooding with Gold, Silver, Copper... Barely any brass! 

EDIT: OK. Not quite a bitwise complement.

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