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Mission Variety "Capture"

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So, similar to my Mission Variety "Survival", these capture mission ideas put a twist to how we currently play warframe. Some ideas could totally be hated and other might be great but overall it's meant as a brainstorm for DE to pick from. Capture has long since been neglected since the event it came with. These ideas and twists may have been mentioned before, and I'm sorry if I'm bringing them up again but hopefully I can at least bring slightly more in terms of an explanation as to why and how along with what rewards would be there.

How Capture Works
Similar to my Apothic Survival, we have a % chance to come across a specific capture scenario. This means one time you run "Ara" you might get a one version of the capture mission. But the next time you run "Ara" you would need to handle it completely different than the first. The reason for this change is not only replay ability, but it's impossible to know exactly what warframe you would want going into the mission and maybe giving other frames a chance to shine.

Similarly, we have more capture targets available with more abilities. This again should add some sense of diversity to the match. Here is an example of what would happen as sound files should also help you out. Additionally targets will have 2X the level of the given area they are at. If there is a special event on the area such as a void tear, alert, syndicate mission, nightmare, or a sortie these targets will instead be 3X the level.

Sound files would also be nice as a warning to give us a rundown beforehand what they have. I'm not sure how difficult or expensive it is to input sound files, but new ones would be nice. For syndicate leaders and other announcers. Here's an example of what they would be from Ordis.
"Operator, your designated target is in the designated area and currently unaware of our presence. Proceed with caution RUN THEM OVER! Ranged combat is advised as they're equipped with new technology made to combat melee combat. Similarly, they are equipped with a stim to enhance their speed so try to keep up. Please try to avoid detection at all costs. If our target RUNZ HOME TO MOMMY! this mission will be a failure."

Capture missions also have a higher % chance of spawning rare containers making them ideal for farming the mantis. Slight changes to container drops also make multiple faction capture runs something people might want to do on a daily basis.
(Grineer Rare Containers have longer boosters)
(Corpus Rare Containers have increased credits to 350,000 credits)
(Orokin Rare Containers have replaced endo with 2 Ambers stars and 2 cyan stars)

Reworked Base Capture Mode
For starters this will be the base capture mission now as the current is a bit too quick and simple. Our new base system is meant to be easily approachable for newer players to understand. 

Our base capture mission will simply be the capture target being surrounded with 5 Eximus units.

Stealth Capture Mode
So we often hear Lodis/grape ordis simulation tell "do not let our target know were here" but we just bomb rush anyways... I'm not alone in this right? Well what if we made a mission to take this seriously. Here is an idea of stealth and to push the idea of "HEY! YOU'RE A NINJA!" because at the moment players are at their most stealthy hunting animals.

1. Your capture target is invincible and protected by "the ships energy force field / a pylon / etc etc" which makes them impervious to damage, but not CC. To bypass this you must scan the target and trace the energy back to it's source. You will then be notified you must hack 2-3 terminals before they can be harmed. If your target is invincible, they can run away and you can't do anything about it so avoid detection.
2. This mission will feature a higher enemy population than most other mission types, so mass killing will be slightly harder. Similarly, if the alarms go off once, the target immediately runs away and you won't have time to scan or hack the terminals without CC. Lastly all enemies will already be on alert to make sneaking harder.
3. In order for this to work capture targets actually need to stop having psychic powers and noticing us as soon as we enter their tile. It's annoying.

Actual stealth warframes such as loki, ash, and ivara are great for avoiding detection.

Assault Capture Mode
This mode will be taking ideas from the assault mode as you spawn in with a datamass. Your capture target is a wanted stowaway of the opposite tile's faction containing vital information. They're locked in a small room trying not to die as the corpus/grineer/infested are trying to break down the door and kill them. You must place the datamass on the locked door and defend it for 1:30 seconds. Then you may capture your target.

During the assault capture mission, elite enemies will spawn more often such as balifs, nox, and commanders. Hyena, Scramba/Comba, and Bursa. Juggernauts and Leaping Thrashers. Demo units will also spawn in an attempt to blow up the capture door.

This is meant to bring some semblance of time to capture missions and make defensive warframe a preference in capture missions.

Doppelganger Capture Mode
For this mode, there will be 8 targets (+2 for every additional tenno) aboard the ship, but none of them will be marked so you must find them. They all look the same and you must find the real capture target. 2 of these targets are real and must be captured within a 6 minute window or else they die and the mission fails. Scanning a fake will cause ordis to say "No operator, this isn't one of our targets. It's a specter"

Simple for a team, but hard solo, this doppelganger mode is meant to put emphasis on scans and faster warframes who can find enemies quickly

Nightmare Capture Mode
This is a specially unique and uncommon option for capture if it's nightmare.

You have 6 minutes to capture 1 target who is 4X the enemy level. This target will revive twice (+1 for every additional tenno) appearing elsewhere in the map. This target is not marked and must be found, once found it will be marked for all players.

Derelict Capture
Similarly to the moon, this capture mission will involve a derelict ship being ripped from the void. Thus we have a derelict ship with tons of cracks in time. You must find your target but upon downing them they're consumed by a void tear. You have to find your own and track them down again, capturing them. 

This ins't really related to any warframe preference, just something i thought would be fun.

Now as stated before, the capture missions will have a higher chance to spawn a rare cache. This means the mantis has a legitimate farming place instead of randomly running missions for a month and getting nothing. Also changes to the rare item drops should tempt players into running capture missions. Similarly, capture should become more difficult and fun to play rather than a passive run through the mission type thing.

Is this good? Can I improve on anything? Do the rewards feel fair?

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