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A possibility for the cgi trailer

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Me and a buddy tossed this idea for the cgi trailer around and I decided to post it here. So here it is.

You play as the ethereal operator in a dreamlike state, wandering up towards the abandoned orokin temple pursued by Grineer. When the dormant warframes are found, time slows to a halt and you are given a choice.

As the operator, you have a choice of three offerings. An offering to swordsmanship (Excalibur), an offering to the elements (Volt), or an offering to technology (Mag). Depending on which offering you give, you can see what the warframe does and how it functions via an interactable flashback to the old war. Excalibur going up against a small Grineer camp, Volt going against a crowd of Dax, and Mag against yet more Grineer. Once each flashback is complete, you can finalize your choice and awaken a warframe. You fight your way out of the temple and find your orbiter and loyal cephalon, who have been dormant for centuries.

Wakey wakey, Tenno. Wake up and smell the ashes.

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