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Baruuk - Minor Change

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Real quick suggestion to smooth out Baruuk's gameplay.

Currently, Baruuk's [1], [2], and [3] are full-body animations when activated - causing Baruuk to stop moving and perform an animation. However, activating and channeling his exalted weapon [4] is surprisingly the only ability that doesn't interrupt movement. Similarly, deactivating [1] Elude is only upper-body. 

Activating these should be changed to upper-body activation to prevent the clunky feeling that accompanies the cast, since you can freely cast these abilities while traveling through the air or during a slide anyways.


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I personally dislike animation locks in general, and the fewer of them out there the better. Lessening Baruuk's animation restrictions is unlikely to fix all of his issues, but would absolutely make him feel smoother to play. Elude and Desolate Hands in particular could very well just be one-handed animations, and Lull may not even need an animation, just him dropping a sigil to the ground that deploys the sleeping wave.

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