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Tonfa hip holster is not right

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Problem: Screen shot included below showing how I have them aligned. It is actually not possible to really get them to line up properly on the hips. On top of that the Offhand one moves with the breathing of the warframe while the right one doesn't, which leads me to believe the attachment point is mismatched. This is using Neckros Nobel animation set.




Related: This isn't the only weapon I have had issue with. I know at one point Scythes mounted on the back along the spine with the weapon's head at the base of the neck of the character where now the head lines up with the base of the spine and it's not possible to rotate it to the base of the neck any more, which in my opinion looked much cooler. There are other weapons too if I should go through them or not. Being a cosmetic type person, how things look is super important to me (I hope thats obvious by my tennogen I have purchased)

Request: If possible when fixing these, please allow for 360 degree rotation and placement of all holstered items Having locked rotation at odd angels makes it difficult to allgin things to look aesthetically pleasing. Holstering edits of rifles would also be nice as many do not look good when holstered and I have to hide the weapon that I want shown.


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