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Hi there,

I dont know if this is the perfect forum section for this but i think it's the one best matching what i want to say.

I always think refer-a-friend systems are great as they will give me and the friends a little boost when i recruit them, what is good for the developers as they get new players -> more micro transactions.


When I started playing warframe a short period of time after the release on steam, I was a bit disappointed by the lack of such a system. But I thought, never mind, it's a great game and I want to play it with my friends. So far I reffered ~10 guys which spent in total 50-70+ € into warframe in-game currency (and are still playing), exlcuding my own purchases.
So i'm disappointed that now a refer-a-friend system appears but me and many other people who made warframe big (there was no advertising for your game on TV and not much in the web and in magazines), received just nothing.


I dont expect or want to be piled with platinum for reffering a few guys. I just want you to remember all the guys who made warframe so big while receiving nothing in return, except having fun with the game.



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yes, its a shame it isn't something that was ready when it went live on steam, ive gotten over 50 of my gaming friends into warframe and still have over 40 playing, im willing to bet a vast majority of them have bought plat, more than once, would have been nice to get this earlier, but its gone now and time is moving on

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