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can't equip companion veild riven mod . only show s in mod station

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After a lot of digging, you can only equip the mod on the sentinal weapon that matches it's type.  If you want to find what type it is, link it in your chat and it list if it's pistol, shotgun, etc.  It just happened that the mod I got was for a sentinal weapon type I did not have.

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32 minutes ago, (PS4)WeWillNotWin said:

Is this a bug, got riven several weeks ago and noticed issue and figured it just needed path.  Is it still a bug?

Not a bug so much as a design behind the scenes.

If your companion riven mod cannot equip to a certain weapon, try it with another weapon that uses different mods.

The riven will either show for Sweeper (Shotgun), Burst Rifle (Pistol) or Basically the rest (rifle). I believe the Sweeper is only shotgun so if it shows up for that, you know what you’re going to unveil. Same for deconstructor, which uses melee mods.

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