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So How About Vet Rewards


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So since DE is rewarding us for going door to door in our communities & bullying every person in our lives to play Warframe so we can get a unique mod card & some swag.....how about we consider offering vet rewards?


You know...as a way of thanking those players who have been here a long time, have ground out hundreds of hours of game time, have spent an unknown amount of platinum, and have hung in there through bad hotfixes, worse marketing decisions, and unannounced nerfs?


Because this is not a subscription game.  You don't make more money by having people bungie-jump into the game, play 10 missions, and then bounce back out again - all you get is alot of bad PUG's and a high amount of latency.  You get your cash from players who are in it for the long haul, and are prepared to make a financial investment.

It's just a random thought.  Might be nice to reward those who actually are responsible for the financial success of the game over time, rather than crapping on them every chance you get.

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Wraths and Vandals arent Vet Reward enough?


I think you're being too broad with the definition of Veteran.


We're talking about the people who made this game a success, people who joined months ago and helped the game grow, not someone who walked in on the last event and got a goody from it.

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