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Weapon Of Choice?



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This may be cliche but...

Primary: Soma/Torid/Lanka depending on the gamemode and what I'm in the mood for.

Secondary: Acrid because there is nothing comparable.

Melee: Orthos Prime because I like multi-hit weapons and it's the best and coolest of its kind.

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Go for the Latron Prime if you can, tag along to void missions.  If you really like sniper weapons try out the paris, it isn't the best weapon in teh game, but it is very fun to level up and use.  Changes the gameplay to more tactical than run and gun, and ok for solo play.


Aside from that the regular Braton is overall decent, but the real best weapon (at least for me) has been the "Supra"  clan tech, hard to get, but awesome for run and gun.


Sidearms:  anything dual...Dual Broncos are a total room clearer, dual Vastos have a great crit chance, and Akbolto are just awesome.


Melee:  Orthos or Orthos prime are unstoppable.  Also any of the reaper weapons are damn effective.  

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