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An Incentive To Play Other Modes - Optional Objectives?


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I realize that the past four days of Warframe i've only been playing one mode. 

Endless Defense.


For the void keys. 

You can't get void keys from other gamemodes? 

Other than Survival, no not what I am looking for. 




Since Endless defense has a reward system, other modes need something equivalent to make them playable and make the "grind" more variable. 


I was thinking modes such as Exterminate those other modes and stuff could have optional objectives that would become available once the main objective was complete. The reward for completing the optional objectives would function in some way or another that I can't come up with at the time... 


Actually everything I wrote so far has been in a daze, so I am not too sure what point I am trying to make..


YEAH! Optional objectives for the rewards! Incentive to play other modes other than endless defense while in grind mode! 

That kind of stuff. 


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