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Joined after 5 waves of defense ?

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Hi guys ^.^ 

Allright this morning i did a defense on helen and got surprised because i joined after 5 waves !



We finished the waves to see if i got the first drop too but it was written that i could not have the drop due to inactivity ( i know i'm prety much inactive when i'm not there ^.^ )

but after 10 waves we also got another tenno joinning in 




Only notable strange thing after that is that when on my liset after the mission 2 of the tenno left the squad but still remained in the top of my screen in squad but were not avaible in the chat.

Hope this can help someone ^.^ 

TL:DR : I joined after 5 waves in a defense mission on helen saturn but wait there is more ! After 10 waves we also got another tenno joinning 


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