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Tekko Prime look horrible and are mispositioned

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The Tekko Prime are awful looking.  This is another key candidate for asking why can't we use the non-prime look for weapons like we can for warframes.  We need this simple feature, especially when you take nice looking weapons like the Tekko and just go crazy and ruin them for the primes.  Please, let us pick the looks for primes.  We shouldn't have to choose between better stats and better looks, especially when you are adjusting riven strength based on primes, so the base weapon just gets pushed down.

Second, it's pretty depressing but usurprisig that the Tekko Prime are still positioned wrong on the hands.  I just checked on Khora, and the bar the fist is supposed to be around is through the fingers, which isn't at all where it's supposed to go (look at your own prime access art, for crying out loud).  The Tekko non-prime are even worse, and it has rendered them idiotic looking for as long as they have been in the game (one punch with that would break every finger on your hand, besides that they aren't even attached).  Please, just position both versions of the weapon around the fist, like it was designed to be.

This is easy stuff that makes happy players.  Please stop holding out on us.  You know we should have access to non-prime looks, and you know where the Tekko go on the fist.

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20 minutes ago, TyrianMollusk said:

me, me, me! this is all about meeeee!


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