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Fauna And Native Animals


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What if the planets contained animals that were representative of the planet or faction inhabiting the area?
After playing some Phobos missions, i started to wonder why there isn't more natural inhabitants like the Desert Skate on Phobos, and even the Corpus Outposts on planets like Neptune.
The Desert Skate is natural to Phobos, it isn't an ally of the Grineer and can be hostile to anything, what if there were variations of hostility too? That way you could also find some sort of desert animal that would rather run and hide instead of causing a fight, or an animal that fights alongside you for a period of time to give you a boost in combat. It just seems like with only one native animal, its a bit out of place.
Another idea i had is animals that the faction has brought to the planet, like hunting dogs for Grineer (But obviously something that matches the Warframe visuals) or even some sort of cattle.

Lastly, an animal mini-boss i guess you could call it, while uncommon to find will drop an uncommon mod when killed. Again native to the planet and would probably have a little den that it emerges from if you're lucky enough to have one spawn in your mission.

Summing up:

More animals would be awesome
- Native
- Imported by Faction

Different levels of hostility
- Hostile
- Neutral
- Friendly

Animal mini-bosses native to planet
- Uncommonly found
- Drops uncommon mods

Amistyrja's idea for a Dojo Hatchery gave me an idea relating to his own forum post
In his thread, he explains how sentinels can wander around the dojo performing various actions after being created in a sentinel nursery, calling them "dojo pets". Either the same room or a similar one could be used to tame the wildlife on planets and bring them back to inhabit your dojo as friendly pets. Obviously not all wildlife would be tamed, i doubt a Desert Skate would cooperate well with a dojo (Unless it finds its way to the sand gardens), but it is still a great idea that would add a bit more of a comical feel to your dojo :)

Personal ideas for new wildlife:
Sand armadillo, neutral. When provoked will curl up into a ball and roll towards attacker much like a Grineer roller.
Sand cat, friendly. If no enemies are present, can be seen pouncing in the sand, does nothing but look adorable.
Ice lizard, Neutral. When provoked will spray a shield decaying acid at its attacker.
Snow seal, friendly. If no enemies are present, can be seen sliding down mountains, does nothing but look adorable.
Infested wildlife, Hostile. Basically an infested animal, with the same tendency to assault you as any infested enemy.

Suggested ideas for new wildlife:
Fammia - Frost bird, friendly. Detects enemies in an area and reveals their locations on mini map

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well the new.anyo will have that dog machine thing but thats irrelevant. I like the idea.


Id want a frost bird of somekind (snow owl or whatever) to be in that frozen corpus planets, it could act as a mini enemy detector, it would give tenno the locations of the enemy on the mini map. 

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