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WTS Kubrows Imprint Non Lotus Pattern - Good Colour

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Selling Bulky Kubrow Imprint

Sahasa Kubrow - Patchy Fur Pattern ==> 750plat





Huras Kubrow - Striped Fur Pattern == > 750plat





if interested u can msg me ingame - IGN : FOX_EFG

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no rare colors, no rare patterns.... they're worth only about 50p each 🤔 i suggest you look up a pricing guide, it's somewhere on the forums

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Or you could price it at what you like. I'd warn you about the above link, as well. If you do decide to use your own prices, that group won't be very friendly anymore.


One good way to suss out prices, without the prices dictated to you in a market with...one price guide the creator doesn't even follow, is to see what other people are selling at here and on discords with markets.

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