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Defence Missions Failed At 100% Cryopod Health


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I have failed 3 defense missions in a row on Europa Valefor, All 3 times were at the start of round 4, with 4 players. Round begins, warframe cryopod is at full health, and then insta-fail. 


I'm kind of confused about this, especially as i have played other defenses on Europa today and none have failed without warrant, other than every time i play on Valefor, i don't mind failing, as long as i actually failed, instead of succeeding, and feeling like I've been slapped in the face every time as i gain no xp for my weapons and am wasting my affinity booster.

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There is this bug that sometimes the health meter won't go down even if it takes damage and failing the mission without noticing.


Nope it's a very rare bug this one. Even if no enemy is touching the cryo the mission suddenly decides to fail. This happened 3 times in my whole Warframe lifetime and I've played since February.

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