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Chinese input method on Nintendo Switch platform

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Hello there

I'm a Nintendo Switch Tenno from China, I have been in the Warframe player community for 10 months.

It can be said that I started to contact Warframe because of Switch, I didn't know this game until then.

So I am very grateful to Nintendo for giving me the opportunity to get in touch with this well designed game.

Also, I am very grateful to Warframe for being with me in this day when I was studying abroad, so that I am not so lonely.

But at present, there is no Chinese input method is still very inconvenient for Chinese players.

As far as I know, Nintendo installed the Chinese input method in Switch eight months ago, but it seems that for some reason the developer has not officially enabled it in the game.

Perhaps tenno from other language regions has not experienced it, but the in-game channels are almost silent.

Can you imagine, because we are not able to input Chinese, the trading channel is even like decoration with no practical use.

When I first came into contact with warframe, I once gave up the game because I couldn't communicate with the players.

I believe that many Chinese tenno have had similar experiences. Some have persisted and some have given up.

This is a online PVE game. If players can't communicate in their own language, it is too lonely to play.

Perhaps the current number of Chinese players is not enough to attract the attention of developers, but since you have prepared a Chinese translation for us, please follow this spirit and turn the Chinese input method into use!

In addition, since Tecent has officially obtained the license sales rights of Switch in China from Nintendo, there will be a large number of new Switch players coming in.

If they find that this game has Chinese translation, but can't communicate in Chinese. Even though it's such a well-designed game, a lot of players will lost their opportunity to become a Tenno.

In my country, people are very concerned about communication, people will spontaneously gather together because of the same hobbies, and each small group will also have exchanges and frictions, thus becoming a larger community. I believe this is true for players all over the world.

I hope you can hear our voice.

Many Thanks



我是来自中国的Nintendo Switch Tenno,已经加入Warframe玩家社区10个月了。

















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