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Drums: Backwards And Named Wrong/wrong Pitch


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As you might have noticed if you've put up drums, the side in the thumbnail and in the drum contest picture with a gray cross and nozzle-like part in the middle is actually the back side, you use them on the other side with the blue lit cross, I'm not alone in having put them backwards it seems.


I've just put up 4 drums in what I thought would be increasing pitch, left to right: C E G B, skipping D, F, A C^:




C is on the left, then going right it's E G and last on the far right is B


But they're not in increasing pitch, B is higher pitch than C but lower than E/G, they're actually the correct pitch order if you arrange them by size it seems, something is horribly wrong here.

For reference musical notes in sheet music are in order: C D E F G A B then repeating to C of a higher octave

Of these 4 it's actually C B E G, I'm really confused.


01eE1CZ.jpg?1 (I know they're backwards, just looking at the size, don't plan on building em)

Arranged by size left to right: C F B (E A) D G C^

E&A look the same size, the height difference is due to E being a bit further back and a bit lower into the floor.

I haven't actually tried them to know that it's increasing pitch in that setup but if my obvservations earlier hold true it should be, not sure about E and A, might be the same note, might not be.

What's the point of giving them names based on musical notes and then ignore how musical notes work?


The drums are also really short range, you need to stand right in front of them to actually use them, that lineup of 4 is basically as many as you can arrange in a 90 degree arc and still use them all, if I stand on the middle of the circle as I planned I reach none of the drums, I reach all 4 if I align myself very carefully walking into the middle drums, to arrange all 8 so you can use them with one guy you'd need to basically make it a 270 degree arc with a tiny diameter and even then I'm not sure it's possible, and you'd have to turn a full circle a lot.


You can put drums on top of drums or other things, the huge stand on them makes putting them on top of each other risky I feel, I'm not sure you could reach the top row, and putting them on top of something 0.5m~ tall behind the front row would look nice but again I'm pretty sure you couldn't reach them.


I'm in a moon clan and drums need a lot of materials to build and since half of a decoration's materials go poof if you destroy them (grr) I can't really build that lineup to do a proper test, could someone in a 1-10 clan do it and confirm my suspicions?


Btw what the drums look like arranged left to right C D E F G A B C^:




(Yay backwards... sorry about the sentinel)

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Our clan has managed to build the C and F drums (as they are labeled). To my ear, the F drum DOES sound like it's a higher pitch than the C drum, although it is modeled smaller than the C drum.

And I agree that it'd be nice if the trigger distance was a little longer than it is now, maybe triggered more when the Tenno is facing the drum, rather than just being next to it. currently, it's hard to play these drums solo.

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This might explain what I'm on about, ignore the black keys, the right most C is "high C" if you put the drums in that order they should be rising pitch left to right but since the drums seem tuned based on size not name you'd get a low first note, a high end note and 2 sections of 3 falling notes in the middle as the last picture of my first post shows, and if you actually want all the drums and to line them up with correct rising pitch you'd need to arrange them by size, not by name which would be from left to right C F B (E A) D G C^.


In my first picture I have from left to right C E F B, notice how it's supposed to be rising pitch skipping every second note, but B is actually close in pitch to C, and above it, meaning the drum's names don't work in a musical notation way nor are they alphabetical (which could be understood if the person naming them didn't know how musical notation worked) it's pretty much random.

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