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Aerial Takedown Mechanic

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One of my favorite Warframe abilities is Garuda's Dread Mirror, where she jumps to an enemy and knocks them to the ground. (I know it's more complicated than that, but that's the fun part of it for me!) It's a really fun and fast way to close a gap between you and an enemy and get into melee range, plus it just knocks them to the ground, instead of knocking them down and rag-dolling them away like a ground slam. Wouldn't it be fun and very 'ninja-like' to be able to do something similar with any melee weapon? 

Here is what i'm proposing:

When in midair and preforming a directional ground slam, if you are aiming directly at an enemy and you hold down the melee key, I would like to be able to jump directly to them, take them to the ground, and immediately preform a ground finisher. This would not cause a ground slam effect, wouldn't knock down nearby enemies, and would be completely silent, which would make it a great option if you are trying to play stealthily. (Since stealth finishers deal much more damage than ground finishers, this would need to deal damage like a stealth finisher if used on an un-alerted enemy.) This would not change how directional ground slams currently work; aiming down while in the air and tapping the melee key would still preform a directional ground slam like normal. 

I would also like to propose that the time taken to preform a ground finisher be shortened overall, or at least when preforming an aerial takedown. If there are two enemies close together, i would like to be able to use an aerial takedown on one, and then quickly attack the other, instead of being locked into a long ground finisher animation while the other guy notices and starts shooting at me. 

Please again note that i'm not really proposing a change of any existing game mechanics. Directional ground slams were a great addition to the melee system, and imo don't need to be changed. I'm just proposing an addition function so we can have a different way to attack enemies from the air. Ground slams are brutal and knock enemies everywhere, which is great if that's what you're tying to do, but I would also like to have the option to tackle an enemy and take them down quickly and quietly.  Warframe is all about movement and flow, and I think adding a function like this would be an intuitive and smooth addition to melee combat. 

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