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In a Corpus outpost few of the engineers repairing the MOAs were having a small break to get some drink and something to eat. Two of these engineers saw a Corpus Outpost Leader sitting alone on a table eating and drinking. These two engineers sat down to both sides of this Corpus Outpost Leader and asked how is his condition?

Leader: "*gasp* One thing just haunts my mind"
Second Engineer: "Well tell us"
Leader: "It will be a long story..."
Leader: "It supposed to be a standard day on the office until he came..."
First Engineer: Tenno?
Leader: Not an ordinary Tenno. Something totally different than usual Tenno guided by Lotus. I was just talking with our Grand Leader. I was working on Pluto when this happened somebody turned off the Video Call I looked at this who turned it off. I saw two horned Tenno who when grabbed from my shoulders hit two times on my cheek with full force throw me towards left wall neck first"
Second Engineer: "That must have hurt a lot"
Leader: Don't interrupt please. I recognized the Warframe model to be Loki. This walked to me raised me from ground and pushed to wall. Asked me to contact to our 1st Grand Leader and no tricks and pointed a Bolto on my face. I nodded to Loki he putted me on chair and he added some kind of data disk on the main computer on my room. I asked can I look at the data on it. He nodded at me"

That various data disc contained a huge amount Grineer and Infestation movements, intentions, plans and attack ship coordinates. I nodded to Loki that I understood the danger what would have come full surprise if we do not prepare. I contacted to 1st Grand Leader said what was going on and send him the data disc content. He answered to me that he is going to put this forward and sends more troops to these locations. When he asked how did I obtained this data.

I answered that one of the Tennos brought it to me. He look like he was hit by a frozen spike. He asked from me that can he speak with this Tenno. I nodded to him and showed to Loki that our leader wants to speak with him. He spoke short time with him then walked away taking a weapon what I identified to be a Boltor. He walked out of the room I got several missions where I was assigned on his command he was furious, aggressive and executed every enemy with fatality and without any mercy.

He brawled once with the Stalker who was sent to end him. As Stalker was blind on darkness I heard words.

Loki: You said justice. Even if you don't know the real meaning of it. You said that you are justice. Now look at you. You are blind lead by same person who lead me once. You punish those who works to bring justice and peace back to the universe. Time to show what Justice really is.

I heard fist colliding on metal I heard stalker shouting on pain. Kick to the stomach second kick to jaw I heard Stalker dropped on his knees.

Loki: I killed for the freedom but now I kill with who are going to be killed to achieve peace

I heard Stalker was raised from the ground pushed to metal pillar I saw Fragor being swing towards Stalker's head. Next thing I heard was Fragor thrown away and Stalker raised from relying to metal pillar.

Loki: You blindly followed. *knuckle to Stalker's stomach* Orders of a ***** who blindly served wrong kind of justice and attempted to achieve. *kick on the head of Stalker* Peace without one. *kick on chest of Stalker* Big war. And wars are won without following rules or orders. Even justice will be forgotten then. *AKbolto reload voice* Only civilians shall be saved from the diseases, disasters and things what war caused to them. You are not worthy on eyes of the First I heard two shots from AKbolto Loki putted lights back on and we saw Stalker killed by two bolto projectiles through the eyes and brains.

Three weeks of operations and other war projects with this Loki was done. All Tenno what we met was dispatched to other missions. This Loki called these Tennos who followed him to be "The Real Freedom Fighters Guild" they are totally opposite than what Lotus guided Tennos are they have a long time done mercenary missions for Corpus right now they are starting to leave this Loki's Guild and looks like after few weeks who guild has dropped to one last man standing.

Final time when I saw this Loki was on assassination of Sisters leaders of Grineer forces. Two weeks operation stage by stage was getting done. This Loki wanted this all to come to the end he didn't care how much he loses. As he had managed to get in to ship where Sisters are kept safe from everything. Last message was:

Loki: To all living of this Galaxy. I have armed some explosives of Sisters Command Bridge ship. This is my gift to everybody of you step to peace. Make it count. I will be dead at last after several hundred years of sleeping. I achieve final rest within myself it is your all turn to decide to continue this mindless war. Or do you accept and apologize what we have done to each other. Good bye

I saw the very explosion of the ship where Sisters was I wanted to know is this Loki still alive only thing what I found was shards of his armor where read. Dalagan. My name is Dalagan, The Destroyer. First Tenno and First who disappears from books of living. Lotus said that Tennos dies with honor but I will and have died for all living of the galaxy. Remember me as a Destroyer who got finally got consumed by my own powers I took the shards and putted them on the table all members of the Command Bridge and whole ship.

Said to themselves "We shall remember you. As a soldier who had forgiven us. Saw us as a last rope to hold on just for those few more weeks to stay alive. You pulled yourself up to your destiny. Destiny of peace of yourself and maybe peace of everybody's minds who dreams about Era of Peace, Joy and Freedom from war. Good bye Dalagan, The Destroyer. Everybody shall remember what you have done for us. Done for everybody in this whole galaxy.

Our Grand Leader weld the shards together by himself suddenly the letters changed. They made another text "I am not dead yet mean while I am gone. Remember this: If I see there is still a war... It will be fought to the end one last time"</p>
We looked on Grand Leader who walked on his seat. Said to me.

Grand Leader: Take us home. We have monument to be done for his deeds and his disappearance.
I: You heard the man let's go to home

Outpost Leader: Those where weeks where I really felt that I was really alive
Second Engineer: Damn. Now that was story
Outpost Leader: If you two still don't believe. I will show picture from the Statue of Dalagan, The Destroyer

Outpost Leader took the picture from his pocket and showed this to the Engineers.

First Engineer: Do you know where he would have head?
Outpost Leader: Somewhere close where it all started. *small laughter* Or maybe he is really close.
Second Engineer: Are you Dalagan?

Outpost Leader: Hehheh. No. I am what I am suppose to be. Leader of this Outpost. Anyway I have used a bit too much of you twos time. Hurry up get on your work stations please.
First Engineer: Oh come on dude we haven't ate yet.
Second Engineer: Yeah

Outpost Leader: Eat them as you work then. Move.

Engineers left the dining room food with them Outpost Leader looked out of the window then looked every direction to see is anybody at the same room rise from the chair walked in front of the window where was a view to large canyon. Outpost Leader took off the helmet dropped it to floor. This from behind Outpost Leader transformed to look like Loki. This kicked the glass to pieces took a Zoren from his back carved his name to wall and jumped out of the window left a letter to floor.

When Engineers came back and saw the helmet on floor and read the letter.

"I have things to be done" read at the letter. They saw the name on wall.

Dalagan: ;Man I love this job *while jumped out of the window and prepared to wall run after creating a decoy to mid air near of frozen wall teleported the decoy away and subdued decoy wall run up and found a cave putted the flashlight on his boltor*

As he for a short time walked on the cave he arrived to another end of it turned off the flashlight he walked to the light and saw whole Corpus city in perfect condition. Dalagan looked everywhere of the city putted Boltor on his back he went to the city while invisible as he was scouting the city he saw bank robbery few of the corpus criminals came out from the bank. With civilian hostage Dalagan pulled out his Boltor and started to run towards the Corpus criminals armed with Flux Rifles.

Jumped on the top of the escape vehicle while unable to be seen by bald eye. Criminals and the hostage entered to vehicle Dalagan channeled next incoming energy from regeneration unit to the cloaking what he has online. When the vehicle finally stopped hostage was taken inside of a structure Dalagan followed them without letting out single noice. He holstered Boltor and pulled out his AKBoltos when finally criminals entered to their house leaving Dalagan outside. Dalagan nod his head to hear what is going to happen inside of the house.

The side street covered on snow and ice made the place look cold and unfamiliar. Dalagan heard from discussion of these four criminals that they are not going to need hostage anymore Dalagan kicked down the door opened fire towards Criminals wearing them off from their weapons because of high speed heavy bolts coming out of his weapons Dalagan nailed the Criminals to wall. He stopped firing when all of the criminals was hanging like a wall flowers.

Dalagan: *whistle* Now that's decoration what I want.
Hostage: Let me go please!
Dalagan: Yes of course *released hostage* Hold on you need to see this.

Criminal: Who F*** you are?
Dalagan: Excellent question. Was I the one who killed himself? Or was I the one who survived from impossible blast?

Dalagan swing his fist on the criminal's face who asked this question. Another hit to stomach.

Dalagan: Only persons who steals are weakest of the pack...
Criminal: I swear that you would be dead if I wouldn't be hanging in here.

Dalagan kicked to this Criminal's balls and uppercut to jaw.

Dalagan: Will be much easier to you if you are not disturbing my speech. Now where was I? Yes those who shows that they deserves better are strongest of the pack. Those who accepts to live on those rules what has been laid to protect you and have best possible options to live longer are soldiers without brother or sisters next to of them. I am here to look for them. Civilian call the police we are leaving.

At outside.

Hostage: Are you Dalagan?
Dalagan: Yeap. That's me living near danger is my job.
Hostage: You did survive. while hostage get on the driver seat of the vehicle.
Dalagan: Trick to survive was simple. I left a decoy on a rescue capsule and left the window to see inside of the capsule open while hopped on top of the vehicle and looked around him.

Hostage: Where we shall head?
Dalagan: Head to the Transport station. I need to make few calls to my brothers and sisters on arms.
Hostage: Who are these people?
Dalagan: Few of my friends who left my Guild behind but took my number with them. Just to make sure if I will need them some day.

Hostage drove towards the Transport station where few of the space ships where readied to move on to the space station. Dalagan moved on the cover of Invisibility he walked behind the hostage. When they finally arrived to one of the ships Hostage waved good bye to this hero and felt something on her pocket. A PCC computer. The ship arrived to Corpus space station where Dalagan went to search a place to send the signal to his friend.

After the signal was sent answer was given. Secretly a Tenno Space Fighter visited at the Corpus Space Station. Dalagan entered to the fighter and saw some of friends of his. Trinity, Frost, Rhino, Volt, Ember, Nova and Banshee.

Dalagan: How are you all?
Ridan Trinity: Bad. Things are getting even worse because of how greedy Lotus is.
Darul Volt: It will be extremely difficult to convince these fellow Tennos to our service brother on arms.
Is'Gol Frost: And as an icing to the cake is that Lotus is planning to eradicate us.
Erial Ember: We have multiple alerts to about corpus ships getting attacked and multiple reports of our ships getting attacked by Tenno.
Dalagan Loki: Nearly feels like that we have a long list things to be done doesn't it?
Rodyn Rhino: Pfft too true. Lotus is using them for her own cause. Worthless ******
Nida Nova: I should remind you Rodyn that we were once on her service.
Rodyn Rhino: Don't remind me about it please. I am still ashamed about the massacre what I had caused.
Baije Banshee: Where we should head Dalagan?
Dalagan Loki: Dust off to our headquarters. We need to plan our next move.
Baije Banshee: Okay.
Dalagan Loki: Where is Vauban, Excalibur and Ash by the way?
Ridan Trinity: At the headquarters Dalagan. No need to worry about them. Was it Tenno, Infestation, Orokin or Grineer they will repel the attack.
Dalagan Loki: I hope that Lotus will not hurry on getting our heads on chopping block.
Rodyn Rhino: Hah let her attempt. I am sure her army will turn back towards place where they came from.

After few fifteen minutes they arrived to Freedom Fighters Guild HQ. They entered to main building Esran Excalibur at the command station was sharpening his sword. Vendel Vauban was sleeping and Argon Ash was rolling shurikens on his fingers.

Baije: General on deck! Vendel woke up, Esran quit from sharpening the blade and Argon hid the shurikens.
Vendel Vauban: Ah Dalagan it has been a long time. Maybe a bit too long time
Dalagan: Don't say anything else brother on arms. I have had been away for too long time.
Argon Ash: Just say that we need to get on the planning table to plan our next move to stop Lotus guided Tennos and other factions from staying away from Corpus.
Dalagan: To the point as always Argon. Indeed we need to get things rolling forward again.
Ash: *gasp* Thinking is just so over rated but also too much action same time is over rated too.

Dalagan: The way how I want to keep it Argon. Vendel stop sleeping and come with us.
Esran Excalibur: I hope we will be on the battlefield soon getting bored from just waiting in here.
Vendel Vauban: You said what I just think Esran. My sleeping hobby is getting dull soon too.

All eleven Tennos best of their kind sit down on the chairs and started conversation about situation a bit everywhere on the galaxy. They came to result to dispatch an attack to one of Ships under control of Lotus.

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I was wondering too.

At first I though it was part of the story.

Well it is not. I am confused and I don't know what should I do to the text. Because those markings are a bit haunting me about coding the new internet page but anyway now it is fixed.

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Decided to put up a role play.

Pretty much all of those listed characters are available to take pick yourself one. Here are the available Tenno champions available.

Dalagan Loki.

Rodyn Rhino.

Nida Nova.

Darul Volt.

Ridan Trinity

Baije Banshee.

Esran Excalibur.

Argon Ash.

Vendel Vauban.

Is'Gol Frost.

Personalities are UP!


Second oldest and most experienced soldier of these ten tennos who ever lived on the history on war between these four factions. Personality is straight but honest. Mostly he works with Darul his sidekick and best friend there has had been rumor that he was once on relation ship with Baije before they became Tenno.

This multiple ways thinking soldier spares no remorse in front of enemy but also is a gentle with allies. Who surrounds him was they seeking glory or follow him in the battlefield.


Aggressive, moody but keeps his mind in one piece. Mostly experienced with hand to hand combat with Dalagan has been on training of Dalagan when he became Tenno. Has deep respect towards Dalagan and Is'Gol.

Rodyn loves explosives and hand to hand combat to bring much pain as possible to the target in front of him.


Lady of the group, smart and extremely difficult to make her angry loves on being at close quarters combat after getting training from Esran and Argon. She easily gives a time to persons to let them open mouth what is also her weakness.

Nida is extremely good at avoiding getting center of attention and mostly steps away from the spotlight. Rumor about she has had been a long time with Vendel under training of getting new master of tactician arts.


The is the power house of the group loves every weapon on arsenal and available. Silent but tells pretty much with his positioning what he feels he is also second oldest soldier with Dalagan. Instead of a bit same with Dalagan. Darul has several times survived most extreme conditions and has several scars to tell about when it or when this happened. Has survived from getting impaled by a spear what went through his cheek nearly touching his back.

Diamond hard boiled mind, brave and wise mostly stays quiet and gives messages with the system between Tennos. This rarely speaking tenno loves to be alone and shows what kind of damage can be done even with single dagger.


Group's platinum grade paramedic Ridan has been a long time pair with Vendel who actually teaches her several kind of tactics and strategies available on the battlefield. Wise, always awake and keep things together personality fits her perfectly.

Rumor has been running that she has been married once with Argon until they became Tennos and forgot whole thing both Argon and Ridan doesn't let them go so Argon mostly moves with Ridan.


Quiet, listens like a soldiers must do attitude but extremely experienced with all vessels and machines. She usually accompanies with Dalagan still after remembering it all Dalagan and Baije for a long time had eyes towards a marriage before this happened to them.

Now they are just secretly lovers. First class hero with all motorized vessels and loves to work with her trusty Lanka what has served her now for long time.


The groups blades man deadliest hand to hand combat with his brother Argon favoring the mobility and devastation his mind and personality has been sharpened and reinforced for every situation. He has many times said these big words "My heart is a fist powerful one"

Mostly over looking for perfect assassination of target, talks if asked something or just says his opinion. He is the hunter of the group one who comes first and last to kill everything. Strategist favors mostly to fight along Is'Gol shadow and has a long history of respect towards Is'gol.


Is the groups wild-heart always on action unless bored to the point of wanting to sleep. Usually happy, throws easily jokes time to time, up and ready to go instantly, it has been said that his muscle mass is second highest of the group. He is has seen that his being a clown is also his greatest weapons.

Blades man with his brother Esran and spare nothing attitude is spared then both are deep on the hunter's instinct there is nothing what can spare a kill from these deadliest blade hands on the whole galaxy.


Strategist and tactician of the group he hands out the roles to everybody of the group when ordered so. He has trained many men and women to fight. Extremely relaxed and highly intelligent person is respected because of it and what he usually says to everybody is "Even one single thing can cause death of your, enemy's or your team mate's"

It has been said that he is so calm that he can hear the battle around him is getting easily modified to go his and allies way in seconds. Difficult to piss off but doesn't like getting woke up by somebody else than his team mates.


The Oldest, most experienced, leader of the ten soldiers group, Legend classed man has shown that there is no way to kill him in open combat. Quiet and let's others move then repairs the thing if needed. Never speaks with actions tells what we wants or gives.

Experienced on everything it has been said that he survived a shot through his left lung still survived without any problems. Even shot through his head wasn't enough to kill him. Most of the Tennos said that he is a robot but no he is a human. He has ended several wars alone and with somebody with him.

Was once said that even a bare handed combat with Krill and Tyl is not even enough to make him impressed. He had trained all of these Tennos once mostly he is impressed of Darul's achievements and how much he has lost just like he has. Is'Gol has shown to Lotus that there is no limit on his skills. The most impressive show was he went kill Vor and Krill same time teared heads off from both smashed Vor's head to pieces and pressured Krill's head to dust. Even Lotus knows that he might be brother of Stalker itself.

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Really funny story.

+1 that and are now waiting for more :D


And to this...

Vendel Vauban.

So... Close...



A role play?  So we pick the chars and write some short storys for them? I don't really know what you meant by that. =?




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Really funny story.

+1 that and are now waiting for more :D


And to this...

So... Close...



A role play?  So we pick the chars and write some short storys for them? I don't really know what you meant by that. =?





Yeap. If some of you wants to that that one of the Tenno champion's personalities needs to be changed after conversation or enough good reasons and I will consider it.


I am glad that you like Dalagan. Now pick your Tenno to operate with. I am going to add more soon as they recruit.

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Mission Breafing:


Locate three relic classed vehicles from new Outpost of Grineer at Pluto Outer Terminus place what just was taken over by them.


When you finally find these vehicles send two of the to HQ and last one to Neptune Psamathe. Compromise move is that you are allowed to destroy everyone of these vehicles and bring blueprints to next meeting between Fighters of New Tomorrow and Corpus.


Outpost is full of Grineer marines and specialists so be aware Tenno. Sending information about these new vehicles now. Good Luck and don't get yourselves killed. AI Lorenga out.

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