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Trinity Prime, Nightingale Skin, Preview, Purchase, Revert Issues

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While using a controller, scrolling around in Trinity Prime's skin selection screen, one can select the unpurchased Nightingale skin for preview. After previewing it, switching to the mouse (touchpad for myself) to click on 'Purchase' simply applies the skin. The Physique menu does not update with the Toggle Prime Details clicker, but the name of the skin is visible in the selection and on-screen. Backing out of this all the way, and then skipping 'Preview' to just 'Purchase' does not cause this happen, as it switches to the scrolling black preview/purchase screen with the price button in the upper left.

Additional tests: Mirage Prime, Hydroid Prime. After 'applying', I backed out of the menu completely, and went back in with these frames, and the skin still showed the name, but not the visual features. (I tried with these due to some very uniquely shaped skins) Will assume that this is applicable to all frames.

Helmet test: Nezha. Applying a visually different helmet in this strange fashion does not allow the skin to remain equipped, reverting it upon back out, but the name and selection still applies in the Physique menu upon re-entry. With this, I can only believe that it's a name and 'currently selected' revert issue, as the problems are with unequipping the preview.

Weapons test: Orthos Prime, Polearm Lahnss skin. This issue is present here. Since it is present with weapons, which are completely different than warframes, we may assume that the remaining--primary, secondary, companions, etc--are all affected as well.

Conclusion: Any item in the game with a purchasable skin has a revert issue at the moment. This may lead folks to believe that they actually have said cosmetics available in their inventory, when they do not.

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