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Several Bugs in the latest update

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Hello, i would like to report some bugs i encountered in the latest update of the game.

First on the exploiter orb mission: after the first battle inside the  Cave you are supposed to go out and wait til the door opens. Well, the door keeps loading but it won't open, the only solution i found was to go back a bit and with all teammates and approach the door once again, but not alway it works, so we have to leave and retry again.


The second one was in sanctuary onslaught: i was doing for khora farming, but the clock froze and the zone counter too. Even the rewards froze so i had lo leave and try again a bit of times, but it was annoying and pretty disturbing

The last thing is a request for the chat quality of life: when i chat with someone for example"wtb X thing" sometimes 3-4 people pm me so they open a new chat, BUT if they keep typing me all the conversation go one above the other so i ifchat with guy A and BC and D guy type, i got all conversation in one place mixed up and it's difficult for me to keep to understand who is who and it's not very comfortable. Same with the chat tabs, if i get 5 chat tabs and i wanna close one flr example chat number 1 i press X on close tab but It shifts me to the latest open chat ( number 5 chat in this case) so i have to close chat number 5 or even more in order to close chat number 1 it's frustrating, I don't think those chat setting bare intentionally so please investigate, thanks

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