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Ok Like Srsly Spectra Buff Nao


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It could, but nowhere in it's lore was it used as a construction tool.


Spectra :"While its intended design is for deep space construction, the concentrated laser beam of the Spectra is highly effective against organic and synthetic enemies."

well i was being sarcastic since having the spektra cut through doors would be utterly ret@rded

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theres this thing called the minimap. It is pretty good at showing secret rooms since they kinda exist on the map. And yes secret rooms show on the map you just need to look 



also the minimap shows what is behind locked doors. 

Well, yeah sure, if you had Thieves Wit mod, you could probably find out. But I've never tried it.

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Spectra works just fine for me. I won't argue against a buff, it would be nice, but the Spectra doesn't really need one.

i'd rather see all Secondary weapons get a mod nerf and base stat nerf so they aren't superior to all Primaries in every single way. that's just ridiculous. 

i see Digital Extremes is trying to 'fix' this by power creeping Primaries up, and then will end up power creeping Secondaries and melee's up, and then power creeping enemies up, and all will be exactly the same. 

wrong way to do it. it will end up back at square one, every single time.



and no, Secondaries shouldn't be better simply because they have less ammo. it's a Secondary weapon for a reason. 



Secondary: 'coming after, less important than, or resulting from someone or something else that is primary'.


still effective, but designed to be more of a backup, rather than equal to a Primary.

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If I remember correctly, with the differences between rifle and pistol mods, putting equivalent mods on both could up the spectra from doing 40% of the damage the flux can output to about 70-80% of what the flux can do. It still has half the range, clip, and ammo though.


While modding the spectra can make it almost not suck, I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of a buff.

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