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Frequent Host Migration to Solo

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It literally the best experience to load into host migration screen.

It is cool that this happens over 40% of the time when doing euduring missions (kuva survival, arbitration, bounty, etc). And the result of that include:

  1. Shifting me to solo, if it is defense the wave resets to the beginning. This is what usually happens.
  2. Back to orbiter, and a notification of previous-mission-interrupted-do-you-want-to-return pops up.
  3. Back to orbiter, fail to rejoin session.

My network is generally fine, though unexpected brief internet loss may occur. This doesn't seem to happen when I am hosting since no one is kicked out, but it is a trouble when I join other people's session. 


I know the squad system requires consistent connection for all squad members, but it is just difficult to guarantee that your internet is stable all the time. Random disconnection for a few seconds do happen and we should be given opportunities to rejoin the squad, either by default or manually. 



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