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A crazy Railjack idea (That I really want to happen)

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Support from the Railjack when running a mission. A turret. <..< Meh

How about some of those companions you don't use. 5 max. Call in the Kavats or Kubrow! You have them in the ship. When placed they have their stats at the moment you set them in the ship. You could be a squishy Mag but when you put those Companions in the ship they're holding the Health and Armor of Inaros. 




Make it real. 





Companion Support System

You need to find the Blueprints nessesary to build the teleport and storage system that will transport your companions to the location chosen by the Pilot. The storage system starts with 2 slots but can be increased to 5 slot storage.

You go in with your chosen warframe. Interacting with each one brings up a list of your companions, Kubrow, Kavat, and Moa. Sentinals are a personal unit while the Moa moves about on it's own. In the list you choose one and it connects to your Warframe. Link mods take the stats from your Warframe and Weapons. So when chosen those stats given to your companion are Saved. 

Once in mission you can ask for help from your Pilot, or they do it on their own, sending those companions that are stored to the location so they send the enemies there into confusion. They remain in combat for up to 60s keeping up with you before the teleport system returns them to the ship. A 5 minute cooldown happens while the teleport system recharges for another transport.


Blueprints Nessesary

Main Blueprint

Teleport System Blueprint

Cylinder Blueprint x2

Cylinder Interconnect


To install additional Cylinders one must have a Cylinder Blueprint, Cylinder Interconnect Blueprint and a System Expansion blueprint.

Each Additional Cylinder added on increases the amount of energy needed for the support system to run.

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I like it. Maybe instead of teleporting in, they could be loaded into a torpedo breaching pod like those grineer breaching craft. Maybe not altering the tile like they do, but just appearing with an explosion, then opening up to let the companion out.

Hm, how is the life support capsule delivery and air support from the landing craft handled lore-wise? If we could teleport things, a lot of missions could be trivialized, so I don't think it's teleportation per se. 

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19 hours ago, AreeSoothsayer said:

Yea ever since I saw that picture and placed it in my Orbiter I have really wanted it to be a thing.

That picture makes me think of the infested too. At least done infested units should be able to knock down and grapple grineer and corpus, tearing into them. Imagine that happening on a crossfire spy or sabotage mission you're trying to stealth through.

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