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COMING SOON: Devstream #132!

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To Steve specifically, since emperian is drawing closer especially the dry dock. One question is burning in mine and other people's head, will emperian have Tellurium as a more common during railjack missions or easier to obtain overall? Assuming if you need them to build your own railjack

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When we'll see some new Zaw/kitguns parts? Can we ever get some orokin pieces for zaws/kitguns while exploring with our railjack? Its ben a while since we for anything New in zaws.... 

When is the next fortuna spider comming?


Will there be a inaros tweak because of How grendel do the same thing as inaros but better? 

When we'll see an actuall system of archeivements that is rewarding to those players that invest time in that sort of stuff? Will we ever see something like an engaging archeivement system?

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Hello Digital Extremes Team here is a list of questions I'd like to see answers for during the developer stream.

This list is a mixture of serious and not so serious questions. Thanks for reading! :tongue:

1. Any plans for look link being applied for operators?

2. Will there be any story missions involving the Unum?

3. Will we see the Stalker flying his ship during rail jack?

4. Will Dark Sectors ever come back?

5. Will the 8 man squad missions raids ever make a reappearance? (Edit: Finally remembered the name thanks to DanielBanMode)

6. Could you get someone to fix the big head bug on the Grineer mask for operators?

7. Will there be any more special operator missions where we can posses things other then Warframes? (Example: Orokin Worm, Enemy Units, Animals) 

8. What's the ETA on custom movements modes for old frames? Previously, I remember y'all saying something about wanting to do things like that. (Example: Limbo, Wisp, Hildryn, Etc.)

9. When the sentients invade during the new war will they have any special dialogue about the Eidolon that was defeated/scattered on the plains?

10. Will a mission be created to address the Beast of Bones?

11. Any plans for Ordis or any other NPC to narrate mission progress?

12. Will Revenant get a deluxe skin showing what he looked like before getting his Eidolon makeover? 

13. Will the team consider making a augment for Limbo that makes him vacuum enemies into the cataclysm and mods already in it?

14. Helminth seems kinda bored, will he be getting any attention?

15. The Veldt shoots out of it's scope (instead of the barrel) can the look of it be updated so it can be seen as a plausible/conventional weapon.

16. In Cetus there are many other people speaking hoking their wares will we be able to buy from them at some point?

17. Will players ever have the choice of logging in at clan base instead of landing craft?

18. Where can I get my hands on an Orokin tea set?

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I love what Digital Extreme is doing. Although they have worked very hard content is not getting out. HOWEVER, this dev stream caught my eye. Two dev streams within two weeks, like WHOA. There is nothing better than seeing content finally get shipped out. So, Imma just acknowledge the elephant in the room. When will Empyrean come out? Warframe is losing many players due to this drought, and I fear this game ,with so much potential, will die. Like, if they are making a new Update, update 26.0, with only the coming of new warframes and reworks, that really isn't a major update to change it. If it is like previous updates, like the Saint of Altra or the Jovian Concord, then this game will lose more players. They havent really had a big development since last year with fortuna. Reply to me if you think I am wrong, but like it makes no sense to show something that is being developed for more than 1 year, and still not ship it out. Everyone, I will post this link of Steam Charts over here and show to everyone that this game is losing waaaaaaay too many players. https://steamcharts.com/app/230410#6m

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Hello DE, I'd like to ask these questions:
1- Is there any plan on making companions share our equipped mods on current equipped weapon simultaneously?
2- Is it possible to give us the ability to downgrade maxed mods by choosing the desired level for each individual build (i.e. Warframes, weapons, etc..)?
3- Can we have a difficulty slider for PVE in options menu in order to make the game either easier or harder? thus harder diffuclty yield better loot than the easy one, which will make the game more challenging.
5- Would you consider allowing us to sell our resources for credits like you did with fish oil and meat?
6- Why do some specific augments work like exilus mods while the rest don't? would you consider changing all augments to be equippable in the exilus slot? How about making an extra slot only for augments?
7- Can we be allowed to donate platinum to our dojo's vault and also be allowed to buy orbiter decorations inside the dojo with stored platinum?
8- Is there a plan on changing the relic system at all? more primes means even more relics to cover them, and the chances of getting a specific relic is getting lower and lower over time.
9- Is there a possiblity to make the juke box in our orbiter load custom music from our hard drive?
10- That ayatan at Old Man Suumbaat's table, is it going to be added later to the ayatans list?
11- Self-damge weapons are still killing us with Cautious Shot equipped, maybe make the mod -100% self damage?

Thank you DE!

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1 release dates for empyrean and new war? (An aproximation is okay)

2 raid stuff and endgame when?

3 This one's a tough one, I'd like to know how the dev team internally feels about this:

So you know that lots of people are leving warframe including lots of partners and now warframe it's at its lowest (at least according to steam charts). Do you guys feel that warframe nubers are lower than they should or is it normal? Do you think that the current state of the game is bad and caused this fall in numbers or do you feel like it was due to outside factors like destiny 2? In case you think it's due to the current state of the game what are some decisions/actions that you think brought the game to a point where lots of people don't feel motivated to play the game? And what do you think you can do/ are planning to do to address that?

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So ps5 has been announced for holiday season 2020 . Have you begun making a build for its launch? If not have you begun looking at that?

Also i would like to tell you how excited i am about the potential railjack has to make the game great,but i think the current content draught has been caused by putting to much behind railjack as a whole. Why haven't you put a group of devs to the side to make some nonrailjack related content to fill the interum.  No cosmetics dont count. Also why haven't you just added some high level mission nodes to the map to give vet players something to do. You could MR lock them to keep new players from entering it and getting overwhelmed. Another idea i had would address 2 problems at once. You could allow us to spend focus to repoloarize a previously formaed slot. You could set the cost at say 100,000 focus to limit daily resets and protect monitization. How ever this would address how vets having no use for focus  and help alliviate complaints about formas being wasted when a warframe gets reworked. I realize there might be some thematic complaints as well about this but i feel the pros out weigh the cons. You could also limit this to warframes as well. It would make focus desirable again and justify adding additional lens to the game and the emphasis you placed on them as rewards recently.

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Also is vauban going to be able to throw his shock balls on his sprint pad to fling them at enemies. Also would be awesome if he could use sprint pad to redirect gun fire as well .Seems to fit his tactician play style and make the sprint pad more practical. Oh allow us to cast sprint pad on walls for additional redirected gun fire fun as well.

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Quick questions:

Can we get the assasins (stalker, Grustrag 3, zanuka) buffed? More/faster (but called) attacks, scaling hp/stats (no armor plz xD), invulnerability to warframe abilities, etc? People have been asking for a challenge, why not give it to them. Maybe have the assassin scale accordingly to the hunted player's level, and if possible "nerf" incoming damage to it from higher lvl players so it would be as if they're all fighting at the same lvl (the player being hunted level)?

Zephyr rework plz?

Any news on Primary kitguns? And maybe fortuna/cetus hybrids (zaw/kitgun gunblade sounds like yum! =3 )

Can we have verification if The New War is coming this christmas or not?


Thanks for your hard work!

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