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COMING SOON: Devstream #132!

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Again and again tennogen on console 

Its been a month since we got our last update we were promised 2 catch up bundles which didnt even come 

Round 17 is live on pc while round 14 has half items missing and nothing better since then 

Its been over full year since we had proper tennogen on console when will this be adressed and fixed 

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This is a question or rather a feature I've been wanting for a long time. Can we have the option to choose between ability FX if said ability has more than one apperance? e.g. prime, default, deluxe. The obvious requirement being owning said thing it's part of. I feel this would be hugely advantageous for Tennogen if we can use deluxe abilities with tennogen bodies.

P.S. I'd like to use Nekro's default shadows of the dead instead of his prime variant, that's just me though.

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1 minute ago, (XB1)CreepyOldMan02 said:

Any hints as to the up coming nightwaves? Is the any consideration for a Khora Prime?


 So far everything has been 100% true of this list. And if it is, she is the last frame to be primed. 

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Mandatory "Mirage Deluxe when?"

When are we getting quick melee back?

Is the Drydock gonna come in between this and the next stream, and if yes, what are the build requirements?

In one of the recent Devstreams, you guys said you are considering normal spawn rates for solo players (instead of the quarter spawns we have now). Any progress on that front?

What are the planned changes for NightWave S3?

Finally, can we please get a sortie token system? I'm sick and tired of getting useless Kuva and even more useless Rivens.

P.S. Oh and could we maybe get a rouge-lite mode or something?

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Some feedback based off the past Devsteams and game play in general.

Instead of having Ember lose all her energy if the bar fills to 100%🌡️ perhaps have the damage bonus reset to zero without a penalty to energy.
Managing it well you'd keep it at 80-90%🌡️ full and keep an eye on it ... if you fill it to 100%🌡️ it burns out entirely to 0%🌡️ and you have no damage bonus.
It suits here theme - Embers (usually plural) are smoldering pieces of wood or coal — usually very small — that burn brightly as a fire starts to fade.


Atlas isn't too bad but I feel his kit could be compressed to allow better synergy and add a new ability.
Tectonics when hit with Landslide summon Rumblers (Capped at 2 or ?)
Tectonics Boulders that explode rearrange to form a Rumbler if the Bulwark was petrified. (Capped at 2 or ?)

New 4th ability - Celestial Titan (Toggled Channel Ability) 
Atlas carries the heavens on his shoulders, while channeling damage absorbed will give bonus armour to Atlas and any active Rumblers,
Damage absorbed will also be added to the next Boulder explosion from Tectonics,
Atlas will be unable to attack during the Channeling period and will be given 90% damage reduction (Enduring Atlas is what he is known as in Mythology this channel is an endurance)
Moving during channeling creates shock waves beneath his feet 5m range that knocks enemies back and range cannot be increased by mods,
Standing still during channeling petrifies any enemies that attack Atlas with melee, bullets are reflected dealing 96% damage back to attackers.


Quality of life changes that I think would benefit the game

Disabling video transmission overlay is an 'option' that is highly desirable for many people I've known that play Warframe, Ropalolyst overlay is frustrating.
Loki's Decoy is a Hologram shooting at a hologram shouldn't do damage to it.
Loki's Switch Teleport doesn't always work sometimes you'll switch teleport inside enemies which is the opposite of the desired effect and is often fatal.
Grineer console hack puzzles can be exploited to prevent mission progress because there is no hack timer for certain doors on missions types such as spy.
(Example: Any of the 3 vaults that needs the data acquired to finish a spy mission, somebody can find the only door leading to that vault and start an infinite hack loop by going AFK and since nobody can get inside that vault the mission can't be finished. This problem no longer exists for Grineer survival because if nobody hacks the console after a set duration the mission automatically starts but that isn't the case for all other mission variants)


Enemies listed below are immune to most Warframe Abilities, Impact procs, Zakti etc. Usually I avoid the Fortuna / Orb Vallis due to this ...
Video example: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/495755134
• Terra Jailer
• Terra Manker
• Cinderthresh Hyena (Not spawnable on their own in simulacrum, needs to be summoned via ally 'Terra Sniper Crewman')
• Gyre Hyena (Not spawnable on their own in simulacrum, needs to be summoned via ally 'Terra Sniper Crewman')
• Icemire Hyena (Not spawnable on their own in simulacrum, needs to be summoned via ally 'Terra Sniper Crewman')
• Rabbleback Hyena (Not spawnable on their own in simulacrum, needs to be summoned via ally 'Terra Sniper Crewman OR Terra Raptor')
• Scyto Raknoid (Sentients can be frozen with Limbo Stasis but this enemy can't?)
• Kyta Raknoid (Sentients can be frozen with Limbo Stasis but this enemy can't?)
• Coolant Raknoid (Sentients can be frozen with Limbo Stasis but this enemy can't?)
I'm aware that some of the Raknoids incorporate Sentient technology but I don't understand the reason the enemies listed are generally immune?
Even so you can still use Limbo's Stasis and other forms of CC on Sentient enemies, which raises further questions.

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Q: How will clans be affected by cross saves?

Q: Will we  be able to have "relationships" wiht our railjack npc crew? Similar to that of mass effect and other games? Can we get the Kuva Liches made allies as crew members?

Original Questons:

Q: Will Ruinous Extension be a mod that will work wiht weapon "exilus" mod slot? If so will the gaze be allowed to equip it?


Q: Will Amalgam mods work with the new weapon slot? If so which ones?

Q: Will the Kuva Lich follower star chart missions feature endgame levels, starting at levels 100?


Q: Will there be a resource that can be used to permanently upgrade our frames health, armor, and shield base stats to make mods like Vitality/redirection/steel fiber not necessary?
- Could this ultimately be an increase equatable to current mods at max level, and as such prevent these mods from being equipped. This would overall increase the tankiness of every frame in a way that doesn't force players into a tank frame is end game frame mind set.

Q: Can we get an update on what is changing with the new player experience? The new cinematic is really awesome, I just hope more is being changed than just the cinematic!

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Just a final two questions added at the top :D
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Yay! Just a single question for devstream Rebb:

Thanks for your time as always!


crosses fingers for Prime Leverian of sorts with Ballas VO


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a few questions: 1) will we have multiple types of ship with empyryan eventually like landing crafts?

                             2) will atlas get an augment/ability to transform into Rumbler?

                                  3)Will chroma get his boring 1 and 4 reworked to be more fun and not just eidolon/orb hunter?

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Any chance Atlas will get a Prime visual pass to his landslide/petrify/rubble? 

Landslide could get the Prime knuckles his tumblers now have. 

Petrify could get the similar treatment his 2 received. 

Rubble could also get the same as his 2 and maybe a bit more of a stone armor look?

Prime visuals happened but on his two least useful abilities. 

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