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COMING SOON: Devstream #132!


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Here's a few questions:

1) How is the Ghoul Rictus Saw and Nox Cannon coming? I know you said they were in the works a while back, and that they were more recently considered for land-only heavy weapons. Just wonder if there's any progress!
2) Will Baro be bringing any new weapons/non-cosmetic gear soon?
3) Are Umbra-style frame variants still on the table for future content?
4) Are Land Arch-Melee still on the table of "maybe" for after Melee 3.0? Likely with similar anti-grav tech being utilized?

Also, us of the Panthera Order have but one holiday wish: Panthera Prime. Please consider that beauty in the future because that'd be lit!


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1.Are we ever going to get custom primary and secondary weapon positioning like Melee currently has?

2. Can we get the option to add sugatras to primary and secondary weapons?

3. Any update on the Proto weapon skins that we saw a long time ago?

4. Several skins and armor sets have mismatched color channels. Do you guys plan on doing a review for this to at least make the metallic slots consistent or give us the option to color individual armor pieces and helmets separately?

5. Please let us use Excal Prime's helmet/skin on Excal Umbra?

6. Updates on Melee 3.0?

7. When are the changes to pets coming to remove stasis? It is still a big hindrance to using them.

8. Can you please stop disabling certain face gear when using certain head gear on operators? From what I have seen people were way less concerned with the clipping than their ability to customize their operators.

9. Any chance we will get the option to swap out exalted weapon models for their standard/prime/umbra appearances.

10. Is the loadout UI going to be overhauled to show everything that should be loadout specific(Archwings, their weapons, archwing guns for ground combat, operator arcanes and amps?

11. Are we ever going to get a focus dump? Once you max the schools there is nothing to do with accumulated focus.

12. Can we get more Loadout and Riven slots or possibly just uncap them and let us buy as many as we want?

13. Now that thrown weapons have a comfortable timed recall, are we ever going to get the Arcata added to PVE?

14. Can we get mod capacity removed while in the simulacrum so we can properly test builds before applying Forma?

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Will we get (another) Valkyr Deluxe Skin? 
Can the Void be made to a permanent location to crack relics?
Will there be more syndicate weapons?
Will we be able to buy Relic Packs from Fortuna and Cetus with Standing?
When is Ivara Deluxe expected to arrive?
Any plans on allowing Archwing Mission to be fissures, so the entire planet of Uranus can be used for fissure missions?
Can Kuva Fortress and Lua be Fissure-viable please?
Will Corrupted Mods get a look at again at some point? 
Where is single sword + pistol dual wielding?
Are there any plans for allowing dual wield with thrown weapons like the Kunai, Spira (Prime) or Hikou (Prime)?
Will we ever get primary and/or secondary stealth finishers/finishers?
Any news on the (promised) updates to current boss fights. Mainly Phorid, Sergeant?
Any plan to buff Kubrows?
Is it possible to have us set up the "important" resources that pop up when we pick them up, like Tellurium and Argon Crystals?
Possible to add hours next to Usage in the profile?
Possible to access information about Usage in the last 28 Days, 365 Days in the Profile?
Would it be possible to add mouse over for the buffs at the top of the screen?
Will there be more stuff to unlock with focus points? Relic Packs bought with Focus?
Gentleman a short view back to the past. four years ago, Some Guy told us: "Take a trained monkey, place him in front of the computer and he is able to copter through the void." four years later years later some guy told us: "I had to move through the void like a robot. It's very complicated." And some other guy said, err, he pressed during the mission, I don't remember what mission, the wrong button on the keyboard. Question for you two both. Is warframe movement today too complicated with 20 and more buttons on the keyboard for movement, are you too much under effort, under pressure? What are your wishes for the future, concerning movement, errrm, during the mission? Less buttons, more? Or less and more communication  with your lotus.

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Greetings DE

If i may ask, are you planing on making a "Simulacrum Forma"?

the thing i'm talking about is using a special forma only inside the Simulacrum to experiment on frames/weapons/companions etc without it being a permanent polarization, and without the need of ranking again and again. similar to most building websites (eg: http://warframe-builder.com/).

what are the difficulties of making something like this if it's not possible in the near future?


Thanks in advance.

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22 minutes ago, [DE]Rebecca said:

Devstream132_1080p_v2.jpgQuem : A maioria da equipe de sempre se junta a nós!

O que : Descubra tudo sobre a Atualização 26 ... Do nome da atualização ao seu primeiro inimigo. Do Lacera ao Momento Letal. De Grendel ao Leverian. Junte-se a nós para saber o que esperar - e quando esperar!   

Prêmios ? 4 espectadores sortudos ganharão os prêmios usuais - Platinum ou Atlas Prime Access! 2 espectadores com sorte extra ganharão alguns prêmios temáticos: 1 x Acesso ao Ember Prime e 1 x Acesso ao Vauban Prime para comemorar suas próximas re-obras! 

Onde : Encontre-nos em: twitch.tv/Warframe and mixer.com/playwarframe 

Twitch Drop : Sintonize para descobrir o que você pode pegar ao assistir nosso Devstream!

Quando : Junte-se a nós às 14:00 EDT na sexta-feira, 18 de outubro!

Faça suas perguntas aqui! O tópico encerra às 10h EDT na sexta-feira, 18 de outubro. 

Ao instalar o aplicativo do YouTube gratuitamente no seu Nintendo Switch, você pode assistir convenientemente o fluxo no canal Warframe do YouTube no seu sistema portátil!


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Pet/sentinel system rework?

When will we finally be able to equip mods on both sentinel gun and our pirmary?

Will we finally be able to select pets without putting them in and out of stasis constantly?

New player experience anytime soon?

More disruptions? (for void, ceres, earth etc.)

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