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12 minutes ago, Mahay_Bandit said:

Any hope for Chimera Prologue replayability.

I was going to ask the same thing.

I want to replay and show my friends (who don't play Warframe) the whole main story-line so far starting from Natah and ending with Ropalolyst fight. Chimera Prologue is the important part of the narrative. Please, make it replayable. 🙏

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Yesssss!!! More news on Ember, my girl!!! Even a Prime Access giveaway!! 🔥___🔥 I have a MIGHTY NEEEEEED!!!!!


Ahem.... With the changes to Heat procs (THANK YOU!) Are there any plans for other procs to be looked at in the future?

How will [Ember's] Augments be changed?


Have you heard community feedback about her 3's knockback being less than ideal? Personally, I suggest a knock UP and then DOWN, like a blastwave from under


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Any feasible time-frame on Melee 3.0 deployment?
Is there any possibility that older primed weapons would have that 'weapon ability' that the newer ones have? Kind of it being the 'perk' of a primed equipment.
Is the teased UI overhaul of the upgrade and modding panel been cancelled or are we in for a surprise? (Wouldn't be a surprise if it's a yes).

Thank you!

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Can we get some Titania changes in this, like the ability to at least shoot arbitration drones, nully targets, and all the disruption targets with dex pixia?

Also, can we get the ability to get new exalted weapons when we make a second copy? Why do we only make the weapon once even though the parta are the same?


Thanks for all the good work!

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🌐 Are there any plans to open locations to make it more alive? As in the same MMO. Add different types of NPCs such as Fishermen, hunters.Maybe they could be talked to. Take the quest. Add neutral or aggressive animals (monsters). It would betray open locations more lives, I think.

T. Y.

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I got a few questions

1 Can we expect a minor change to nezha about his explosion after blink using his 2 while 1 was active to be filled circle of fire rather than a thin ring of fire? I mean from recent gameplay I noticed it's pretty useless option which does something which does nothing. It's not a must since nezha is good on his own but that change would be welcome.

2 Also can we expect any kubrow utilities to help them stay alive a little longer on higher levels? Since kavats are meant to be those agile type of pets, I would love to see kubrows as knight/tank type of pets. Give them like alternative adaptation mod or something please. Just a melee life steal link is not enough. 

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  1. Is there any possibility of updating some of the older Prime weapon models? I.E Paris, Burston.
  2. Would there he any chance of removing the key reqs for the Derelicts? 
  3. Are there any plans to update more tile sets? Personally I think the Corpus Ice Planet/Wrecked Ship could use a tune up.

Now for a big question out of left field:

Does DE have an end of life plan for Warframe?

In the event of Warframe's eventual/unforeseen end, will DE provide us a way to continue enjoying the game or let it face the Void? I believe this is something important DE should look into. Warframe isn't a masterpiece but it's definitely a work of art that deserves to be preserved and enjoyed even if the servers go offline. I don't believe the game is dead or dying but this is something to consider while the game is still alive and well. Hopefully some one notices this post and potentially decides to dedicate some effort into crafting an end of life plan. Losing Warframe to the Void is a preventable tragedy.


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Can we get some Feedback from DE about Forma Polariteis and making them flexible as discussed in the topic below

General Summary: 

  1. Once a slot has been Forma'd, that slots polarity becomes flexible allowing the player to change it without having to spend an additional Forma.
  2. The exception being Umbra Polarity that is unavailable unless the Umbra Forma is used, in which case the slot has an ornate marking on it to identify by.
  3. Since the Polarities are no longer fixed, each configuration could have different polarity's defined while still being restricted to only slots that have been Forma'd can be set.
  4. When players use a linked build from another player, if their slots are Forma'd then those slots will auto adjust to the necessary polarity
  5. Alternatively have a new item, a Forma+ that can be used on a slot that has been forma'd previously making it so that slot can use all 4 standard polarities.  With this option we would also then use an Umbral forma on top of the Forma and Forma+ to allow the use of the umbral slot as well like mentioned in points 2.



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