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In the last dev stream you mentioned fire would be getting an armor stripping quality, "Melting the armor of the target." Which would help Ember's damage type scale better. My question is will other elements be receiving this treatment? Like a sort of mini changes to the elemental types? or is this just for Heat procs? Also is this change just for Ember or for all heat damage in the game?

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It was mentioned before that you guys are aware of how CC is becoming less and less useful and this is something that the team is looking to address. Many newer content still discourages CC as enemies are immune to it. What steps are going to be taken? Will enemies be more susceptible to it/need to be CC'ed to be defeated (let's say, because damage alone would not be efficient in killing) or will CC frames be reworked to focus more on damage rather than CC?

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With how the game is currently (speed over everything) are you going to be moving forward with making content that is not new player friendly? As an example raids, dungeons, world events (like mini raids that require a coordinated or well suited team)?

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The proposed Ember re-work as discussed last stream includes making her 4th line of sight limited, as has been done with many other abilities in the past. With the increasing number of abilities limited by line of site is there any chance of making a pass on enemy area of affect abilities and applying line of sight limits to them as well? I am specifically thinking of things like offensive eximus auras (energy leech, and venemous units for example).

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I feel that Prime Accessories aren't in the best place right now, DE. If you compare older accessories to the new ones, you see that the older ones felt more unique in how they seemed more orokin and had special effects (Misa, Targis Prime) that made them more special. But compared with the new accessories you see that the newer ones more personalized towards the theme of the prime frame as well as the lack of any cool channeling effects. They feel just like fancy accessories rather than Prime accessories.

There is also a lot to talk about regarding the value of the accessories packs and the overall effort put into making the accessories quality. Or is there a reason there seems to be a lack of effort in the games main source of income?

Oh and what happened to the lore in the accessories' descriptions? It's gone from "found drifting in an old derelict" or "this syandana was used in tenno purification rituals" to "this is the signature syandana of [prime frame]." The lore tied to each accessory does contribute to what I was saying earlier about how special accessories feel. 


Prime Accessories in general, their value, the effort put into them and their prime feel need to be talked about because they seem neglected of effort compared to the rest of a prime access pack.

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Operators. Nice eye textures. Awful skin textures.The lipstick is pixellated as all heck. Speaking of eyes,  any chance of a heterochromia option being added?
Weeby I know, but still.

A while back, Operator cosmetics (at least this specific one) were 'bugged' and looked more like shades than glasses. Personally I think this made my girl look a lot cooler, and would like to see it return as a customisation option.

Now that Umbra has a 'Prime Toggle', could we also allow Umbra and Excalibur Prime to share cosmetics?


3) More appearances from our good friend, the Man In The Wall.

I had ideas. Let them appear as a daily login NPC, maybe. Or, let's say we're modding a warframe or weapon in the armoury. Why not have Wally appear in the background for a few seconds as a blink-and-you-miss-it sort of easter egg?
Or something that invokes this kind of feeling?


5) New for Devstream 126, this question:
Are there any secrets in Warframe that nobody has yet discovered? Secret rooms, easter eggs, things of that ilk?

6) New for Devstream 129, this question:
What if, upon crafting a weapon, we could place a version as an Orbiter decoration? edit: Not just weapons, why not any resource? Placeable ayatan stars, or Plains/Vallis gems? Mods?

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How will genetic imprints work with the new kavats?

How likely is it that mergoo and orb vallis animals will be seen while wandering/in the wild?

How large will the dry dock be?

Any chance we could get a partnership fragment decoration for finding all of them? Similar to kuria and fish statues

Also any updates on the stasis system rework?

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