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Yeah, Nyx all the way. I can also confirm what Archistopheles said, Nekros tends to die easily at higher levels (guess who is rising people? Me, the Rhino!). Not that Nyx is a tank either, but once you master her abilities (and slap some good mods on her) it's hard to corner.


Nekro is nice only in a team. Where someone can cover his backside while he summons spirits and does his stuff. More like Vauban.


This link to the wiki about Nyx that actually works ---> http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Nyx_%28Warframe%29


Also, the only thing I would spend plat is for slots (I actually bought plat to buy more slots). Be it warframe or weapon slots. If you like Nyx, you'll also love babydoll Nova. And frankly 2 slots will start to feel a bit tight after a while. Also weapon slots are a bit tight too.


Potatoes (orokin reactor and catalyst) are on alert every 2 weeks or so, for a full day. The same for Formas. Keep checking the twitter here https://twitter.com/WarframeAlerts


DO NOT waste potatoes on the starting weapons for ANY reason. MK1 Braton is S#&$, Lato is S#&$, Skana and Cronus are S#&$.


Buy Braton from market as soon as you have the credits for it.

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