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Orokin Derelicts, Why They Shouldn't Be In The Game Yet And A Rant.


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All right, a bit of a back story before the rant. I've been playing this game since early Closed Beta. I've seen a lot of big updates, a lot of map expansion and a lot of cool stuff being put into the game. 


I was on vacation during Update 10's deployment and have been waiting eagerly to get back so that I can try all of the new things. Recently a lot of Frustration was built around Warframe for me so I've been trying to get myself to appreciate Warframe recently (while playing it mind you, I haven't really quit) . 


So, I get back from my vacation, get Warframe updated, download this big update, and go into the game all excited. I log in, fancy new loading screen, fancy new login screen diorama, FANCY NEW FRAME, even more fancy Arsenal screen all panning and tech-y and all. So here's me, all excited because, putting away my frustration after a good while, going into the Solar System that I've explored in it's entirety to try out the new content - The Orokin Derelicts. I farm out some Raptor (because I'm farming Nova as well), I get a few nav thingies, get myself an exterminate key crafted because I love exterminate missions, hop on my Rhino because I was unsure as to how difficult these missions are and go into the mission. I get greeted with this awesome looking panning Orokin/Plant/Infested ship thing that looks all fancy. I go into the mission, and get amazed by the awesome visuals. And then I start running it. At some point (20ish enemies left) I notice that the Waypoint is running me in a circle. I was on a rhino so I sat around in the general area spamming Stomp a lot to try and figure out if the enemies are stuck somewhere in the walls because that has happened frequently in previous tileset expansions. 


I am unable to finish the mission and thinking it's just a one-time fluke I quit, still frustrated, but understanding. I've seen a lot of broken things in this game, they get patched quickly usually and normally it's not big. So thinking it's a one-time occurrence I go back into the exterminate to be greeted by the EXACT SAME ISSUE at around 10 enemies. On both of those runs I got 5 and 4 nav thingies respectively. Getting even more frustrated I hop on my max reach mag (coil helmet and all) figuring that if enemies fall into something I'll try and just kill everything with ult. I did not move out of a room/area without ult ready. (Energy Siphon). I had to WAIT FOR MY ULT IN SPOT BECAUSE I WAS SCARED THAT MY MISSION WOULD BUG OUT AGAIN. I end up rushing through the level, being scared, already not enjoying this and in the end of the mission I see that I have 0 Navs. 


At this point I'm even more frustrated because I lost almost 2 Golem runs because of this and decreased my chances at Nekros (which, past my Vauban is the first Frame that I've been REALLY looking forward to). I literally rage-quit Warframe that evening. I go back in the next day thinking that it's probably just an exterminate issue. I go farm some more, craft myself a Capture key and go into a Capture already using my Mag. (Honestly, Max Reach is so good if the ult one-shots the enemies). Knowing what happened last night I put on a pair of Zorens and try to rush the thing scared that it'll break. Imagine my face when I finally reach the Capture Target and he's sitting there, not moving and ethereal, I can't damage him, I can't target him with anything, I can even walk into him. 


This caused an outburst of anger into our Alliance chat but since I REALLY WANTED THE GOD DAMN NEKROS I decided I'll try it again. SAME BLOODY THING ON THE SECOND CAPTURE RUN. Target is not moving, I can walk through it, can't target it with spells, can't hit it with anything... I assumed he was bugged animation-wise and I already killed him with one of the ults - no no. Pressing the action button at every possible angel near him did nothing. 


So in the end - I run 5 OD runs, solo, 2 on Rhino, 3 on Mag. 4 out of those 5 runs breaks up to a point where I can't finish the mission and am forced to quit. 


How exactly did this make it into the game? How on earth did the Orokin Derelicts go through QA in this state? In the 550+ hours of gaming I did in Warframe I have never seen a tile set this broken. NEVER. 

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Update 10 was released early and in low development because DE were worried that Warframe Update 10 might get overshadowed by GTA V being released the same week.

So they released early.

I think they also did it to get feedback on some early elements of the gameplay, that's why the Conclaves are so basic.

They need to know what to improve on.

Derelict, just like Phobos, is buggy as hell.

If you really want, I have a few assassination keys for the Derelict.

So do many others.

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With enough feedback, they can fix certain things. Can't really expect perfect right out of the gate.

I am perfectly aware of that. I've seen most (if not all) tile set expansions into this game. None of them were in this state. There is no feedback. I can't provide feedback for this because I have no idea what's wrong. I know the mission bugs out so frequently that it happens 4 out of 5 times and I am SURE that this thing somehow went through QA. How is beyond me. How did a Quality Assurance Specialist play through this mission enough times to approve it and DID NOT NOTICE THIS?! 

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Ok then.. Any ideas as to what's causing the frequent bugs then? My choice of frame? Loadout? Bad luck with random generation? I want this new Frame, haven't had something that seems to fit my playstyle more then this... And yet I'm having all of these artificial hurdles thrown at me and I seem to be unable to go past them. 

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