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Spawncamping Enemies


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Now, I realize for some people, this might not be a problem, but sometimes when I do solo void missions, and get killed, whatever's nearby (usually a Heavy gunner, or four, sometimes) that killed me will walk over to my body and stare at it.

This happened earlier, and because I actually wanted to test it, and because I had to, I went and mowed the lawn, get back, and the Heavies that killed me are still standing over me.
I know when you're alive, even undetected, they patrol.  Walk around, stuff like that.  Would it be possible to make them just go back to patrolling after walking over to make sure I'm dead?

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No, because the AI reacts when you die the same way it reacts when you go invisible.

They go to the spot where you previously were, and wait for you to pop up again.

TBH just go on Ash or somebody with a decent cc skill and pop it as soon as you get up.

Provided the Heavies don't play Tennoball with you first.

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