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The Orbital Haunt Contest [Winners Announced]!

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PS4 Dojo entry for Warframe's Orbital Haunt contest. inspired by bloodborne

Dojo, Shattered Nexus


-Resource contributors-

We are born to grind, made by the grind, undone by the grind. Our wallets are yet to open.. Fear the Grind.


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Category: Dojo

Build by me.


Description of the room:

A forest where some wierd creature has it's lab. The lab is spreading it's infestation throughout the forest. 


BEWARE of creepy crawlers!













Short video to give a rough idea of how the room looks. 



Thanks for the interest in my entry. 

Best regards,


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Category: Orbiter

Spooky Yandere Dentist Chair.


Bonus Spooky 100 ball pit. (What makes it spooky is the amount of time it took to farm 100 balls)


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Hi, this is my submission (PS4)

My Clan: Holy Knights of Lothric

Designer/ Warlord: Jaime203031

Contibutor/clanmate: brunaco2

-open spoiler boxes to read a short horror story related to the Dojo Creation-

Thanks in advance for your attention :DDD


He was born with a serious condition that made his skin look rotten and fleshy. He was a good kid, but everyone ran away from him, disgusted by his mere presence. 
I remember, the people in town used to call him "meat face", if they would've known.
His family wasn't precisely an example to be followed. His mother, was a prostitute, and his father, Harold, an alcoholic. One day, after a dozen too many drinks, Harold grabbed a knife, and went straight to his sons room, crying as if he was in pain.
--I'm sorry, I'm so sorry-- he shouted while stabbing his child and watching his life fade away slowly through it's now bloody eyes.
His reasons? He said he saw the stare of the devil himself manifest through his son´s eyes. Of course the bastard was taken to prison for life, or, should I say, for the rest of his life, as he was found choked to death,  exactly one year after the horrendous murder was committed.
The official report states that he committed suicide, but, that is quite unlikely, since the guard that found him in his prison cell said that he was covered in a disgusting, thick, red liquid, with his eyes burned
-no, not burned, rotten.-
It was inexplicable, as he was alone in his cell and the only thing he had access to, was his bed and a little window that lead to the hallway.
Well, the roumor says that if you stay up untill late in the dark and you hear a small noise coming from outside, don't ever look at your window, because Meat face will appear looking directly to you through that very window of yours. 
Please allow me to tell you something, -a little piece of advice- don't look directly look into it's eyes, because if you look at what used to be his face, now only twisted, damp flesh, well, he will make you beg to be dead.

Meat Face: Dojo Creation (  https://youtu.be/V3aPNJ4j1Co  )


Emma used to be afraid of the dark, she said she always heard weird noises coming from the attic, but she never told her parents, because she thought they would get worried, or even worse, they'd call her a liar. Every night she heard the same noise: 
--click, clack, splish, splash--
It sounded like a rat digging a hole, or like a snake crawling in mud,-- no...--
She knew what it was...
It sounded like someone's heavy, slow and damp steps, right above her head.
One day, when she was home alone, she heard the same noises she knew and feared, but this time, it was different, they were much louder. She was about to call her parents, when it unexpectedly stopped.
And suddenly, a squeaky noise filled the silence, followed by the longest seconds she had ever went through
 -the door of her room was opening-
Slowly revealing the darkness of the hallway.
Her heart was pounding, her breath becoming louder, her muscles clenching, and her eyes wide open, staring anxiously at the now fully open door.
Her eyes couldn't penetrate into the heavy darkness that came from the corridor, she could almost touch that solid blackness, and then, she heard it: a guttural sould, like those of someone being choked while trying to scream, so quiet, yet so incredibly horrific. She didn't knew where it was coming from, it was like it came from everywhere but from nowhere at the same time.
It lasted about five seconds, but it felt like an eternity, and everything became silent when it finished.
Suddenly, a silent, drowned and oddly deep voice broke the deafening silence: 
--you should've said the truth-- 
what was it talking about? She was confused, and her body was still rigid. She used the last bit of courage she had to spit a few simple, almost meaningless words into the air
--Who's there?--
Once again, her voice was followed by complete silence.
The sound of the steps broke the silence. A dim light coming from the window illuminated the corridor, this time, she could distinguish a tall shadow, walking slowly towards her room. The noise from before returned, now there was no doubt that it was coming from that thing.
It started moving faster. And faster.
It was almost running in what looked like two or three twisted limbs.
Right when her voice was about to shout for help for the tremendous horror that hell-like sight produced, it all went silent once again.
Her parents came into her room the day later, only to find a scene too nightmarish to be described. There was an unrecognisable mixture of blood and flesh hanging in the wall, it formed a sentence: 
"Liar, liar, you should've said the truth, behold, the true face of a liars demise" 
 It doesn't matter where you live or who you are, always remember, say the truth, no matter what it is, or you might hear the noises too.

A Liars Demise Dojo Submission: (   https://youtu.be/NAkkbUDS9Yk   )




I was born in a little town near Stockholm, it was known for it´s witch sightings in the nearby forest, I remember it was called "The Witches´ Lair".

I always thought it was nonsense

For tourists, it´s a mere attraction, but, the old people from town took it really seriously, but it wasn´t in vain. Since ancient times, it is well known that people that go too far into the forest go missing, but they always appear a few weeks later, although not in a very good state.

They´re always found hanging from the trees, and every time, the only thing that the police can never find, is their eyes.


That´s what they call them, it means "eye collectors"

Fun fact, I´ve said before that ¨all¨ the people that go missing appear weeks later, well, that´s not entirely true, they only find men. When women go missing, they only find their clothes. The Myth states that the eyes of men are used to make necklaces, that powers, or boosts the witches´ magic, and their bodies are hung like offerings for Freyja, the goddess of war, beauty, fertility and death.

If you hadn´t guessed it yet, yes, it is thought that the missing women become witches, and continue the cycle of cold blooded murderers going.

You´ll see, one can easily think all of it is pure lies, but once you see a bloody, half-roten, eyeless body hanging from a tree when you just went out to walk your dog, you can realize the reason why elders don´t let their children go near the forest.


The witch dojo submission: (   https://youtu.be/UMqnzV55Hqw   )

That´s it! Thank you for reading!

All the creations are original, including the horror stories, and were created for this contest for the enterteinment purposes. All people in this stories are fictional, and any similarity to any other story or real life event, is a mere coincidence.

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Orbiter6A96D58C92612DACE697DFD983F1AEE6A3B948FAI think I got it spooky enough, wish I had longer to take a better screenshot

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The Orbital Haunt Contest, PS4 submission.

Welcome to 'The Dread Zone'.
Try not to make any sudden movements.




Trick or Dare...





Beware 'The Executioner'....



The Deity of Nightmares!




A creature made entirely of pure Argon crystals. Guards the entrance to the Prince's chamber.




The Prince of Hallows Eve




Offerings to the Prince of Darkness...



The Torture Chamber

Tortured victims are fed to the Devour Spore, a flesh eating monster.




Happy Halloween Everyone!  🙂

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en esta sala se puede apreciar la tortura de un anulador corpus al que se le esta haciendo experimentos quirúrgicos (en su pecho una masa de carne con tentáculos), quien esta siendo operado por el carnicero grinner. Al rededor escalofriantes criaturas miniaturas como las sobras de stalker, la araña roba ganancias, los 3 eidolones y algunos warframes y el diabólico y terrorífico tenno

PC: rodrigo48



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This is the spookiest part of my orbiter, with my spookiest frame.My only question is: Is this appropriate for the community forums or does this constitute a spoiler?

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Here's a submission to represent our clan {Passione Crime Syndicate} by me (Giorno-Giovanna.) and my clanmate, Rarisasia.
The forest is made by me, and witch incinerator room is made by Rarisasia.

Here is a video for 'The Forest': 


Screenshot ver. of 'The Forest' (with a bit lore!): https://imgur.com/a/ngVK0xM
Also here is Rarisasia's 'Witch Incinerator' room: https://imgur.com/a/sEncoVe


Anyway before you say anything about my ign and clan name: yes, this is a JoJo reference.

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