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The Orbital Haunt Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Contest submission/category : Dojo

Clan: Velvet Underground

Decorator/Contributor: Slugmon (myself)


Made a haunted house (literally) for the contest ^.^... Here's the catch though : It is fully accessible.

I'm not good with pictures so visits would do it more justice.

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We already do a seasonal lobby in our dojo so this works out really nicely ^_^! Happy Halloween!

Contributing Members

  • Scimitar2976
  • Zetromis


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Just on time but here is one of those "Tourist Trap Haunted Hallways" You'd find around somewhere. Built inside our Recreational Hallway and we're anxiously waiting for more seasonal build events to add to this hallway

Built by myself: BingBangBoong and one of my Co-Owners MrBudderPig

Video of the hall: 


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 Queen's Lair Entrance67b0a3f4-38e5-4966-a381-191b552c10c4.PNG

Queen's LairnwdDTVGULsLXXBlo=

Queen's Hive


Infested Queen's Hallways

a0cd2bf2-a948-41a6-a84a-6d46a03c7b43.PNGA44ca588 4bb4 417e a68b dcc8ca2112ab

1a581fdf 0853 4849 924d 874bf11a848f

Queen's Web

3404d8a4 29b4 466f ad3e af1f7fae432d


Walkthrough of Queen's Chambers


Creator: Judas6Nolms9

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Here come my creepy two cents.

And to save your time (and eyes), that's a one shot story. ^_^

"Yessss my little friendzzz ! Candy trees ! Rivers of chocolate ! Free Netflix ! All waiting for you inside ! Please come in..."


Ghost Clan "Space Soapera", Dojo, PC.
An ephemeral art by me, just for this event.

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I call this, A true spooky tale in 5 picture.


"I can't believe you knocked your ball down that pit, Apple! I can't get it out for you so you're just going to have to play with your other one."FF869C464B52E76E593B844726A1EF39EC9A8155

"Just be sure you don't knock the other one down on that spinney machine.  That looks super important.  I think it's keeping me alive."


"Okay, you have fun.  I have to take care of some things upstairs."


*Minutes later* "Hey kitty, I noticed your other ball was missing from your play area.  You didn't bring it down here again, did y- uhhhh.."


"Why are you the way that you are?"


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21 hours ago, --VLP--__AxoN said:

I'll tell you, but after the contest 🙂

well tell the contest to be done, so you can tell me, cuz I hate my entry now. :(

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Clan name : Little Lotus
Category: Dojo
Clan Platform : PC
Rank and Role: Founding Warlord and Decorator
Clan Contributors: StregaArcadia(co-Decorator), Sickle_Slayer(co-Decorator), members who donated a lot of hexenon that i will edit later



Title: Curse of Blood
Main character : Lord primordial skull and bones 5 Room series
#1 > The Blood Swarm
-- spider ,giant hand & finger of lord primordial
#2 > The Blood Forest -- Ghost Lion doing his routine
#3 > The Blood Lake -- Ghost Eel having a bite
#4 > The Gate Keeper Of Blood -- Kuberus the 3 headed kubrow preying all the innocents there
#5 > inner Observatory room : The curse of Blood -- the innocents dead on being torn up and bleeding waterfalls
#5 > Outer space area > Lord Primordial SKULL Cave and Vampire Bats carrying the bones of the lord hands with also all the innocents that being torn up till water bleeds. >>>> Note : INSIDE the Lord Primordial Cave skull has a Ghost Knight that has been imprisoned there also holding a sword that punching through the innocent till waterfall bleed. the knight name is >> The prisoner of Primodial prison






Edited by Beautiful
changed it all multiple times, my first time posting sorry

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Dojo Submission: Syndicate Succession

Contributors: Yamana

Platform: PC

The search for extraterrestrial life sometimes brings more than discovery.


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Category: Orbiter
Platform: PS4

A haunted orbiter with different stories!
The Entry Hall


 A painting of the former master of the house.

 The place is infested with bats. And there's something odd about those old portraits...

 Did that statue just move?



 Dad never let me into his work room...

EIOCY67XkAcMCes?format=jpg&name=medium ...now I know why.

Doll Room


EIOCDodXsAUpoeE?format=jpg&name=medium This was Scarlet's room. She loved dolls.
 Something about them makes me uncomfortable, though...
 Especially the porcelain doll with no face.


The Witch Hut


 There's a legend about the witch of the swamp...

 They say she builds figures out of wood and curses them...

 And if you cross her path, be respectful and let her pass by,
 or you might one day simply drop dead.

The Mummy's Tomb


 Day 13: At last! We finally break through into the tomb's inner sanctum.
 A heap of treasures, buried along with the king, meet our eye.

 Legend has it his servants were buried alive along with him, as well.

 But the king and his living statues don't want us to leave...

Enjoy! Thanks to my buddy Grandis for writing the lines!

Edited by (PS4)Shade_Slayer_92
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