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The Orbital Haunt Contest [Winners Announced]!

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Let me tell you of a haunting and creatures that are daunting,

Of tales sinister that are harbingers of disaster,

First i speak , of a creature of the deep,

Dreadful is his rage when woken from his sleep:

Second i speak of the hounds at the gate,

Avoid their glare, for they are are filled with hate.

Third i speak , of a being that forgot it has died,

is it Plant ? is it Animal? it is an abomination unclassified!

Fourth to speak of a weaver i dare,

with eight delicate hands it pulls its spindle of nightmare.

These are the horrors that roam our clan,

Beware all who enter , child , woman or man!

And With that we come to an end,

Hope to see you soon , my friend.



Hope you enjoy what i made (the poetry is also original :D).

3 of the above were made specifically for the purpose of a "horror/ creature feature " theme, i.e.Fluffy (Cerberus), Ghost plant and the infested spider and made entirely by me,

The Kraken already existed and was my first sculpture ever, fellow clan decorator @Xforce helped with the Kraken.

There are more , but i will let my other clans mates make their own submissions as i have been unable to get in touch with them for a combined submission.

I am also not very good at taking video , so please excuse me if it is not clear.

Dojo in Clan Asuro ,

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typos, forgot to mention clan name

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Category: Dojo

Players involved: This room was made by me and Lykalas

Theme: Tenno in a pursuit of conservation found himself in middle of spider liar, where hunter becomes the prey...



Spider Nest






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more pictures
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Clan: Footsteps of War 
Architects: Shoryuu and CiernSelar

warframe-2.png warframe-3.png warframe-4.png warframe-5.png warframe.png

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PS4 - DOJO -


Here is our Infested Queen!


Nessuna descrizione della foto disponibile.


Nessuna descrizione della foto disponibile.


Nessuna descrizione della foto disponibile.


Nessuna descrizione della foto disponibile.


L'immagine può contenere: notte


Nessuna descrizione della foto disponibile.


L'immagine può contenere: scarpe



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Family relations can get scary messy during the holidays, especially Halloween!  Just imagine if Grendel and his Pa, Poopdel visits you!gZkwA4m.jpg

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Architect: Inahorange
Category: Dojo [Green Amethyst]
Theme: Caught by the Element of Surprise

  • Once you walk in, you don't get back out alive. 

The floof in the mouth of the arachnid queen acts as the decoy to lure hunters into the den.
Once you step foot into the trap, heed the queen's warning to not look back or else the last thing you'll see is the frightening night crawler upon death.





https://imgur.com/a/c4tGAMN [Full Album] Also Imgur seems to think this has mature content, there’s nothing erotic or nsfw shown in the album.

  • Live Demo in spoiler below


Good luck to all contenders 🙂

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Brigadier General Grimmaldi Grey "The Blood Knight" aboard the Sanguis Regnum.Warframe0066.jpg


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I got a lot of decorations (I like ikeaframe) so it was not too hard.



Blocked off door - spooky 




Excalibur Umbra with a Solaris wrench through his face


Nothing is more terrifying than being organised. I like collecting noggles 


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Hello, I am SirLagThe1st of the Prismatic Dreams and before I submit what my brain came up with for my first actual decoration attempt, I would like to also give the credits to our clan's head decorator FluffyOkami who had to babysit me, teach me and make fun of me for pretty much the whole project.

What you see here is a wivern that was taken over by the infestation and guess who has it in chains in his own little clan room. (Hint: It's me)

As you can see below, Sir Lag the 3rd is very docile.



It is chained properly as you can see, so there is absolutely no danger whatsoever.





Until a clanmate called it ugly:





And me, being the beast tamer that I am..


Ran away!


And that's the story of how I met...


The wivern.


Thank you for checking my post!





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Small errors
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I am participating!😃

shhhhh... i caught my nekros wich was enchanted and was worshiped the forces of evil!😬 😱😱😱

P.S I'm too lazy to build dragons, spiders and pentagrams so i only repainted my orbiter and hooked pumpkin on nekros😁


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IGN: DrLego
Platform: PC
Type: Dojo (The room is in the Syndicate Supremacy clan)





This tale starts the same as any other. A message, a mission: "Tenno, a Corpus vessel of unknown make and model is heading for a collision course toward Iron Wake. Stop it before time runs out." The Liset makes contact. The vessel isn't sending any type of communication. The lights are on but nobody is home. This would normally be chalked up to some infested plot, but the vessel seems to be intact. Upon entering the vessel, it becomes apparent that it's some type of luxury entertainment ship. A message is displayed that greets visitors. "HAUNTED HOUSE. A CORPUS FOR-PROFIT DEDUCTION"

Shouldn't that say Non-Profit Production?


Never has there been a Corpus Vessel as quiet as this one. No signs of life either, just morbid displays and white confetti. A closer look may yield clues.


There also seems to be an animatronic Condroc suspended from an artificial tree. Both move and sway about as naturally as a decapitated MOA. Nothing informative here.


This warning may seem counter-intuitive to the average person, but absolutely essential to someone like a board member with a fresh black market heart served on a silver platter from an indebted.


A defensive reaction springs forth, not from the unpowered statue, but from the infestation along the walls and ceiling. Upon closer inspection though, it appears that this infestation is an imitation, a type of polymer material designed to illicit fear.


The room appears to be an exhibit of some kind. Probably a type of waiting area before entering the interactive section. The sound of nothing ringing a little louder.


This doesn't illicit fear, but it does illicit disgust.


Looks to be plastids dyed to appear as rotten eyeballs.


Real? As opposed to the rest of this exhibit? It appears to be some sort of orokin artifact, but upon closer inspection it's a replica of one.


Some Corpus have a fascination with the fictional character and his creation. A doctor that obsessed and used science for his own ends to create the unthinkable. Almost a reflection. The abs are a mysterious choice however.


Not only are there no clues so far about the nature of the ship's situation, nearly the entire exhibit has been biological. Taking a werewolf heart may not be a bad idea if it truly frightens them.


Did they run out of ideas, or is this legitimately considered frightening or disgusting? There are some things that will never be understood.


The interactive segment begins. Nothing can be made out past the brush, so one must proceed to see. Perhaps an explanation lies beyond.


More imitation infestation? No...this is the real deal. It looks like the mystery of what happened to the ship is solved. Strangely though, no enemies have appeared. At all. Are they waiting? Why is the ship still intact?


More orokin makeshift models, but they appear to be broken. The hands most likely represent the control the Orokin used to command in the solar system.

An attempt is made to pass them quickly, but one of the hands has made a firm grasp of it's intruder. Despite appearances, the strength of the machinery is almost parallel to the intruder's. But suddenly, the hand stops. It moves no more. Did it break?


The second hand does not budge, but the third seems to be missing. If the first hand is anything to go by, there will be a tough time ahead. Still no sign of enemies...


A trail of fungi from where the missing hand was. It appears it took what it liked and ran with it. Following the trail...


...leads to some type of former staircase. The path below is congested by infestation, but the path above is clear. This is where it wants it's prey to go.


This is definitely deliberate. Whether or not it was for the hand to pass through or for the intruder is unclear.


Looks to be some type of control room with monitoring arrays. If this system is still connected to the ship, perhaps it's flight path can be permanently redirected. or a self destruct sequence set to obliterate the damned mass. A message log is also displayed.


"this wasn't supposed to happen"? Did they think they had the infestation contained in some way? Foolish. Let's see what can be done with the control console and be done with this.


It was a trap. Of course it was a trap. With prey in the grasp of an abominable amalgamation of infested tissue and animatronic tech, it placed it's possession carefully upon an infested pillar...


...and returned to it's default position; perhaps waiting on more prey to pick up. While this was a control room for the animatronics in the hallway, it also controlled something much more. Something that looked to be the final attraction.


Whatever this once was doesn't matter anymore. Whatever shrieks of enjoyment it brought out are in the past. It was now the face of a consciousness with one mission; to grow and to expand. It spoke:

"Be with us. Eternal life through our vessel. Reject yourself."

The same type of spiel that never ends with the infestation. Of course it was denied. Of course, it devoured.


The expectation of being eaten by an artificial face could have never crossed any mind. It used to be the stuff of fiction. Not in the moment.


Wait...what is that? This is new. Some sort of weak point? Only one way to find out.



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Yes, It was him, this whole time the ACTUAL master of the infested, the mastermind of all, HE, the bolarola and his loyal virmink covenant been leading the infested to victory on eris and so many other places, all thought hes the infested master he isnt quite...infested himself but hes a powerfull master that even nidus bows down for him(if he doesnt obey he get shanked by that powertool on the plate of the chair)......yeap thats my entry lmao, also i thought it would be cool to have the little helmynth text there but then i remembered you guys dont speak portuguese, anyhow thats it




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On 2019-10-18 at 6:31 PM, rapt0rman said:

There will always be more contests, sometimes there are high requirements like dojo decoration, or even advanced understanding of video editing, but there are plenty of easier ones too.



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I don't have a lot of plat to spare, so i cant do fancy setups like some of the ones here...but you'd be amazed what you can achieve with lights..a little imagination and a lot of grinding.

IGN: Hyperion5182
Platform: PC

Type: Orbiter











Happy Halloween.

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This is actually the first (and only) room in my dojo that I'd decorated... but it fits so here it is!

IGN: MisconductRTK
Platform: PC

Type: Dojo



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