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Is Ironclad Charge bugged?


Or am I just not understanding how it's supposed to work? According to the mod's description, it should provide the stated percentage of armor increase for each enemy hit by Rhino Charge. And this is correctly reflected in the hud. However, the effect this armor increase has on Iron Skin does not seem to stack appropriately. With my current build, Iron Skin alone (without any absorbed damage) ends up with about 19k health. If I hit one enemy with charge and cast Iron Skin within the buffed armor window, its health goes up to 23.4k. But I still end up with that same amount of health regardless if I hit one enemy or two or five. If I can manage to hit six or seven enemies with one charge, the health of Iron Skin will go up to about 26k.

This does not seem to be working correctly, or am I just missing something?

EDIT: I must have been experiencing a very strange bug, which I cannot reproduce. Iron Skin is now giving me only about 5900 health without Ironclad Charge or absorbing damage, which I think is correct. For some reason I was consistently getting 19k in the simulacrum earlier, which I took at face value because I had added a lot more strength and armor to Rhino than I was previously using. The bug where I got the same value of extra health from Ironclad Charge no matter how many enemies I hit also seems to have disappeared, and it now seems to be stacking health for Iron Skin correctly.

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that would sound like it's not working correctly, indeed.
in multiple fashions, as Ironclad Charge is supposed to be a Final Multiplier to your Armor, and 23.4 / 19 isn't even close to 1.5x, even if you subtract out the base Health of Iron Skin with very high Strength. so something is not right there.
and also as you mention of it not increasing with number of Enemies hitting as would be expected.

you could potentially experiment with Strength and Armor Stats to see if it breaks in a specific fashion (would just be useful for expediting the process of fixing it).

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